New Year, New(castle) ME! / by Kian West

Feeling a little dusty from some NYE shenanigans? 
Looking at all those 365 days with optimism and young enthusiasm for the year ahead? 
Many of us set powerful goals at the start of each year and more often slip up earlier than Valentine's Day at keeping them going. One thing that works well in goal setting is a public announcement and the shame associated when your friends inevitably ask about them come February... So with that in mind here are a couple of the key goals for Mirage in 2018.

Newcastle Bar Beach Cooks Hill summer holidays



1. Grow our distribution  200+ locations by the end of 2018

The past few weeks we have reviewed our list of 147 locations and trimmed that back to the top 100 spots for when we kick things off for February 2018 issue, so this means doubling in just 11 issues. To do this we are looking for suggestions of cool spots to add to our list and we are on the hunt for some helpers to get Mirage out on the first Saturday of every month. 

2. Expand our Writer Network - We want talented Communications and Journalistic peeps!

With a city that has so much to offer we want to tell as many stories about Novocastrians and Newcastle events, artists, businesses or whatever the city has to tell. If you or someone you know is a talented writer, we want to know about them. Send us an email! Especially keen on 2nd and 3rd-year University of Newcastle students looking to add experience to their portfolio. 

3. Add 3+ Advertising partners to increase our growth and tell more great stories

It's not all about the dollars, at Mirage it is equally important we find suitable advertising relationships that make sense with the stories we tell. Businesses that have a strong association with our city, those relevant to the kinds of people (like you) that read our articles and pick up Mirage each month. We love hearing from businesses that can already see a great fit and we work really hard to create valuable content that tells their story around an advert. Our advertising partners are the ones that block in a few months, full year or ongoing adverts. The businesses that have seen the strongest returns have often commented that month 3 was when they really started to hear comments from customers about seeing the advert in Mirage. It's a slow burn that tends to hold value for months and years to come. 

4. Find more readers for all our content

A big part of all this is finding more awesome people (like you) that Like, comment and share our stuff. This is where you come in. Thanks for reading this far and please, share the love whenever you can. Sharing articles about local artists and businesses can be a life-changing experience. You feel good for doing it and it could literally help that persons dream become a reality via increased exposure that leads to sales... You might never see the impact you could have on the local community, but it will be there. 

Much love and Happy 2018! I'm already really excited about what this year has to offer. 

Kian xox