New single from Inertia | 'Air' Review / by Hannah Stretton

Inertia  consisting of members Chris Barnett (left), Liam Gray (middle) & Callum Schuck (right). 📸 Angus Gollan  @goll4npix

Inertia consisting of members Chris Barnett (left), Liam Gray (middle) & Callum Schuck (right). 📸 Angus Gollan @goll4npix

The dreamy indie rock act, Inertia is back, but this time with a new tune & some new members as well. Lucky for us (and the rest of the world), we got to check out the new debut single on Triple J Unearthed before its official release on June 1st & share our thoughts on the much anticipated single. 

After initially starting off as a one-man-band, consisting solely of Liam Gray, the two additions of Chris Barnett (on bass & lead guitar) & Callum Schuck (on drums, bass & guitar) in 2017 has paved a way for this trio to come through kicking scores with their newest debut single 'Air'.

Plus, these guys also have a line-up of sick gigs to kick off their new single & other music on the pipeline, so be sure to check out their socials for more info. 

As for their debut single, 'Air', well it perfectly captures the feelings we know all too well. We've all spent begrudging hours doing sh*t, we really wish we weren't and suffering real FOMO for it.

Whether it's in regards to not being at that mates BBQ or holding back in a relationship, we've all contemplated the 'what if's' at some point, and I think this song is going to be the consolation anthem that gets you through the thoughts that make you want to go crazy.

'Air' is the kind of song that comes into fruition when you've picked at your brain for far too long and need an escape. The guys have really dug deep with this song and it shows a lot of maturity and emotional strength.

What I love about this song is how it has such a physical and metaphysical atmosphere to it. It's very dreamy & psychedelic - the full hallucinogenic experience, without the actual hallucinogenics (be responsible, be safe & have fun if you do kids). The delivery of this song is calm and reassuring, which is always a great contrast to some of the aggressive music we have become accustomed to hearing - props to Inertia for helping us reclaim our sanity.

Whether you become inspired to chuck in the towel and go follow your 'dreams' or keep on doing the same sh*t with a more positive attitude - I think this song will definitely be the kind of song you'll be adding to your 'Positive Vibes' playlist (oh and if you don't have one of those already - make one - it can make the somewhat shitty less shitty 💩).

Inertia will be having their 'Single Release' at The Cambridge Hotel on June 24th, so be sure to mark that down in your calendars and get pumped for a show full of psychedelic vibes, smoke machines and Matt Corby feels. 

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