New Music: Skyepaint Release "Bury Us in Gold" / by Brooke Tunbridge


Starting the year playing a show put on by Mirage, Amos Wellings, the man behind Skyepaint, has returned with a new single titled 'Bury Us in Gold'.

The solo electronic project envisions a modern take on synthpop music, Wellings says. He gave us 'Maybe It's My Fault' in September of last year, although the new release is much more upbeat.

Along with the general upbeat sound of the song, the track is filled with optimistic lyrics, "we stepped off the edge of the earth and floated through the twilight", letting your mind imagine "swimming through the stars" and being buried in gold. It's easy to get swept up in the imagery.

Listen to the track for yourself here, and leave a review if you want to show your support!

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