My Top Ten Newcastle People of 2016, by Kian / by Kian West

Last year I wrote my top ten Mirage people of 2015 in response to another media group writing one that I felt missed some of the people I love and have really kicked some goals in the year. This time I decided to look a little more inwards and here are my Top 10 Newie people for 2016, in no particular order...

Laura Kebby - In less than 12 months I've seen Laura blossom and flourish, latching on to opportunities and really pushing herself this year. We've been so stoked to have her writing at Mirage as well as watching her produce some incredible work for other media. Plus she is a super rad human that I am always looking forward to spending time with. 

Kira Jones - A chance meeting turned into a chance offer and now we have the Out & About Girl. In so many ways Kira represents the kind of reader Mirage is looking for and we really wanted to know where such a strong, empowered, artistic woman would be hanging out, so other women could find out the coolest places for hangs in Newcastle. Request a follow if you can find her on Instagram. 

Brooke Tunbridge - Mirage gets plenty of emails from people asking to write for us. We get about 1% of them with actual writing that we could publish. Brooke is the one percent. One of the achievers that you can just tell are going to create something with their lives. After shooting us a piece on Crave Newcastle earlier this year she has been firing off killer content every month after. Since meeting her recently to interview her, I know I need to spend more time with Brooke. 

Joab Eastley - If you haven't heard of RAAVE TAPES yet, well, I don't know what rock you've been living under but it probably doesn't get the internet so you wouldn't be reading this. Joab fronts said band and they have been absolutely killing it this year. Winning a slot at THIS THAT festival, playing sellout shows, rocking a TNL gig for Mirage at the Cambo. Seriously, RAAVE TAPES are the real deal. We this Joab is just ace and I just want to hug him whenever I see him. 

Stephane 1993 - I interviewed Karmo earlier this year and realised how much in common we have, a mutual love of music for instance. Most of his success has been overseas with big news like one of his songs being played by an incredible array of touring international artists and some headline shows himself. 

Michelle Kot - For the love of Coffee, Michelle manages Newcastle Coffee Snobs and their events, plus she writes for Mirage each month. Not only is she a huge supporter of Mirage but is always willing to lend a hand to get it distributed when we are struggling or purchase some merchandise. Always the happy character and tops to chat with at Snobbing events, really, you should come to one. 

Ben Cooper - When the Cambridge Hotel asked us if we wanted to Curate a monthly Thursday Night Live I only had one thought, we are only doing it if Ben is in. Quick phonecall later and Coops was in too. Super organised, energetic and keen to make gigs happen. If it wasn't for Coops the TNL events wouldn't have been the success that they are. So, many thanks to him and Love + Rent. 

Dan Beazley - This year I've chatted a lot with Dan. Eventually those conversations turned into a plan, then that plan turned into the Newcastle Podcast Network. Keep an eye out for 'Driving around in Cars with Boys' or whatever we decide to call it. 

Ryan Williams - The man that makes Mirage look incredible every month. The guy that suffers through all my crazy ideas and requests for designs "yesterday" without a fuss. Seriously, without Ryan Mirage would probably still be just an idea. 

Corinne West - Earlier this year I got married to Corinne. She helps so much behind the scenes and without her really I'd be lost. #BAE

Honourable mentions: Bronte (lazy bones), Solomon (sol took this), Brodie (single Dad cars

& To all of you who read, like and share our crazy little adventure. Just a couple of guys making a zine to, hopefully, inspire a city. 

Images: Ryan Williams (White Tee) Kian West (Black Tee)