My mate Dan, by Kian / by Kian West

Do you know Dan Beazley? 
He is a slightly bigger guy with a beard that works at Newcastle Live and has a heart of gold.

Dan and I have been working on a little something something these past few months and it went live last Friday and you can listen to it, but it isn't a song or a band. 

It is... a Podcast! You can listen to it HERE
You can also visit a website that is being built behind the scenes (save it for later) HERE

But seriously, back to Dan.
Man crush. I already added him to by top 10 people of 2016, but it bears repeating. If you listen to our podcasts you will hear a couple of guys that genuinely want the world to be a better place and have a good laugh while we are at it. Dan is a pretty intriguing guy. So far I know he is married and has a couple of children and he is a bit of a performer, in the musical sense. 
We seem to have similar ideas, but have been known to ponder the problem from different view points. He is pretty tech savvy, when I say savvy, you could pretty much blame him for how awesome the Newcastle Live website is (please help us!). Listen for the lols. Stay for a podcast of two guys driving around with microphones talking about the big topics like our feelings and how to change public transport solutions for our city.