My favourite parts of 2017, By Kian / by Kian West

Wrapping up presents have a way of making us reflect on the wrapping up of another year. 
For all of us at Mirage, it has been a pretty huge 2017. Celebrating 4 years of existence in the middle of the year really set a tone for the rest of the year and we've been running pretty fast ever since. Not that I'd say we were travelling slowly before that. 
Ryan, Claire and I sat down, not too long after our celebration and mapped out some goals for the future. We've been quietly working on many of these goals and I'd pretty proud of what we've done around them already, but I won't go into that today.

Ryan and Kian Newcastle Mirage

A few new advertisers have helped us to continue this journey, notably, the addition of The Happy Wombat to the team has added another flavour to our offering along with some regular adverts from the Newcastle City Council (YAY!).

Bigger than anything, for us, was the response to our 2018 Calendar by everyone. Seriously, we have been blown away by how many people decided to buy one this year. Feeling the love. We do still have a handful left if you are keen: HERE

Newcastle, as a city has had a huge one, with the Transport Interchange opening for business, as has the new inner city University of Newcastle campus building and massive works begun along Hunter Street for a transport solution set to future-proof the city. Who could forget Supercars racing into town and showing us off to an international crowd. We've had festivals like Live at the Foreshore (not so much on the Foreshore though) and THIS THAT was just epic! 

We have coffee snobbed with the best of them all year with the Newcastle Coffee Snobs. Some pretty awesome coffee has been drunk. Plus we've been lucky enough to expand our delivery locations a fair bit too. 

A few new T-shirts have been designed. Loving the Wickham Chicken Tee! 

Newcastle had our first Song Writing Competition in the shape of Tip Jar. As an official Sponsor, we have loved being involved from the roots of a project set to inspire many a Novocastrian muso. 

And we've definitely noticed a change in tone online these past few months. Newcastle, we love you. It is so great to focus on the incredible talent every month and help Novocastrians to love what we have a little bit more. 

Thanks for a huge 2017 and I can't wait to do more rad stuff in 2018.