Most iconic business no longer in Newcastle...? / by Kian West

After seeing the post from iconic Instagram account @fkn_newy last week (see below) the office has been a chatter of what other long lost businesses do we miss but never talk about? 

They had shared a screenshot previously shared on Brown Cardigan from another local media outlet. 

Here are a couple we thought about:

  • Soundworld - could anywhere be more iconic for local music than Soundworld in Newcastle Mall and Garden City (it will always be Garden City to a true Novocastrian)
Soundworld sound world music retailer Newcastle
  • Beaumont Street Beat - OK, maybe there were two music retailers that kept Newcastle tuned.
  • The Store - back when it was a huge market full of exciting things. 
  • The Hunter on Hunter
  • Jolly Roger
  • Fannys
  • What was the name of the Video Game Store on King Street in town? 
  • The Casbah
  • Surf City
  • The Mercury Bar

Noticed a trend? 

  • Kensington Theatre
  • What was the other one called? 

One notable success in recent years is definitely the Regal Theatre, community can be awesome!

Image taken from  The Pulse

Image taken from The Pulse




Finally, a letter to the editor that I can relate to

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