MEET: Young Wolf / by Kian West

YOUNG WOLF are one of the incredible support acts playing at the TIRED MINDS 'Loom' LP launch show at The Cambridge Hote July 13th as part of the Newcastle Mirage / Love+Rent collab events series and we are excited to hear a little bit about them!

Tell us a little bit about the band?
A slamming emotive hardcore assault from God’s Country AKA Newcastle

When did you start playing together? Have you been in groups before?
Most of us started playing together in high school, we went through a few member changes until we found a line up with everyone on the same page that eventually became this band. It was pretty much our first band and most of us have now got other projects going on with connections and friends we’ve made through Young Wolf.

Who are your influences?
Bands like In My Eyes, Have Heart and Verse are where we kind of draw our sound from. More than Life was a big one for me (Sam) when we started and we actually got to play with them which was sick!

Have you got any local favourite artists?
It’s hard to pick because we have so many mates and great bands (Eat Your Heart Out, All In A Year, Shysters and Split Feed to name very, very few) in Newy but we can all agree on Silverchair as our all time favourite.

There is a show coming up? 
We’re supporting Tired Minds as they launch their new LP ‘Loom’ at the Cambridge Hotel on July 13th which is exciting since it blew us all away. They supported us when we dropped ‘Familiar Comfort’ a while back so feels good to return the favour!

We’re also playing with the mighty Cursed Earth from Perth at the Hamilton Station Hotel on the June 30th.

What should people expect?
All the bands on these shows are really dope and the Tired Minds album rules so its probably fair to expect a pretty excellent time.

What is next?
We’ve been pretty quiet lately due to all of us working on other projects, but we’ve been in the lab cooking and are looking to have a two track, or maybe even a split out before the end of the year.