MEET: Tired Minds / by Kian West

With Tired Minds launching their new LP 'LOOM' and playing at our next collab event with Love+Rent on July 13th we needed to know a little more about the band.

Tell us a little bit about the band?

We are just a bunch of best friends who play very intense heavy music together. We know more about each other than we probably should and are able to make people around us question whether we like each other at all (we do).

When did you start playing together? Have you been in groups before?

We formed in late 2008 (but were going by a different name back then). We’d played in a few other local bands before then but it’s probably best those go unnamed. In 2011 we changed our name to Tired Minds and have been going since.

Who are your influences?

I think the influences we mostly strongly reflect are the bands on the Deathwish roster. We try and channel a lot of the darker European hardcore sound but there’s definite nods to the more emotive heavy music that was prevalent a few years back. Strong influences are Converge, Rise and Fall, Touche Amore, Leatherface and The Dillinger Escape Plan

Have you got any local favourite artists?

Gibbo plays in Safe Hands but the rest of us have been fans of theirs since before Gibbo joined. We are all really fond of the Rachel Maria Cox songs and the new stuff from Paper Thin. I [Paul] also saw a band the other week at the Lass called Unfit for Human Consumption and absolutely loved it. Ill Natured are insane, Young Wolf are rad and will be playing our album launch. There's a plethora of cool Newy artists across alot of different genres which is great. 

There is a show coming up? 

We’ve got our album launch coming up at the Cambridge on 13th July with rad bands Young Wolf and Chimera, and are also playing Adelaide on the 21st with Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys, Hideous Men and Pinkish Blu.

What should people expect?

A lot of loud guitars and Ben struggling for breath

What is next?

We have a few shows coming up this month (Newcastle and Adelaide thus far) and then we are going to try and organize a more intensive tour for the end of the year. We recorded our album nearly 2 years ago and are only just getting around to releasing it, so we should probably try and write some more songs if we want to have them out before climate change claims our lives.