Meet The Not Nots, by Kian / by Kian West

Looking at The Stag & Hunter Hotel April lineup, there is a heap of amazing bands coming to town, but what we noticed first were a couple of key local acts on the bill and The Not Nots were one of them. Relatively new kids to the scene, I had a quick chat with Anthony ahead of the gig to get some gossip on what they are doing...

the not nots stag and hunter hotel

Tell us a little bit about The Not Nots, who is in the band, when did you start?
Anthony: The Not Nots are a fairly new originals band in the Newcastle scene containing some old faces. We formed in 2016 when  an old friend from back in the day, Blake Doyle and myself,  over a mutual love of music and beer ,decided to have a tinker with some of my originals. Once we realised there was potential to pull it together as a band, we enlisted another close friend Dom Lindus, who had just moved back from Melbourne . Rehearsal is more like hanging out with mates as we quite often sit around with a beer , listening to tunes and chatting. It is this informal nature that makes the music playing part more fun.

Have any of you been in bands before this one? 
A: All of us have been in bands before, i usually play drums and am currently in a few. Blake plays drums with The Donkey Browns and Dom is concentrating on his fine arts degree.

You describe yourselves as “Indie punk rock” via band camp, are there specific influences to the band?
A: Influences to the band are many and varied but a couple of reference points to my mind would be 90’s indie bands like the Pixies and recent punk type bands like Wavves.

Playing at the Stag & Hunter April 29th as support for The Dark Clouds is also a big night for the band right? 
A: We are doing the opening slot (8pm) at The Stag and Hunter on Saturday April 29th with The Dark Clouds and The Hurricanes(i am also playing drums for the Hurricanes).We are launching our album “Brain heart Confusion ” on vinyl. We are really excited about the show because we have close ties with both The Hurricanes and The Dark Clouds. The Dark Clouds are a driving Detroit style punk/rock band from Wollongong with whom we have forged a mutual appreciation society. They are lovely men and i have personally known a couple of them for 20 years or so from ventures to Wollongong to play with their bands over the years. It has been great to reconnect and we look forward to hosting them at the Stag which is an awesome venue to both play and see a band.

What do you think of the local music scene currently? 
From the little that i have seen recently , i think the newcastle music scene is extremely healthy and it is fantastic to see fresh faces doing it for themselves, it is very refreshing.

Favourite local band (other than your own) that Newcastle should check out?
A: My favourite local band at the moment would be The Gooch Palms, they are fantastic ,great songs , lovely people and lots of fun live. I recently saw PALS and thought they were great. I really enjoy the Australian Beefweek show and for a good swinging time of old school hep ,you can’t go past Fish Fry.

What is next for The Not Nots? 
A: The Not Nots have a swag of new songs that we would like to record some time in the near future and do some cool shows with like minded bands, cheers.

If this sounds like something you would be into, you can listen to their album for free on Bandcamp right now HERE

Catch The Not Nots with The Dark Clouds (pictured)  April 29th

Catch The Not Nots with The Dark Clouds (pictured) April 29th