Meet: The Naked Florist, By Kian / by Kian West

Mother's Day is fast upon us and YOU DO NOT want to get caught out and end up being the bad child for the next few months, nobody wants that, so get organised, or rather take note because we have you covered with The Naked Florist AKA Ashleigh Palmowski who we had a quick chat with... 

The Naked Florist

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Ashleigh: First and foremost, I’m an artist. I grew up in the country with not much to do so I was naturally drawn to create with the things that surrounded me. I studied in Germany at Bauhaus as part of my fine art degree. Upon returning I travelled the east coast of Australia and reconnected with my love of Australian flora and fauna. Through my journeys and meeting some amazing artisans and creatives it connected me to a lifelong desire to work with all things natural and floristry blossomed from there….pardon the pun.

You’ve started a new business ‘The Naked Florist’ what’s it all about?
A: Firstly, as The Naked Florist I can assure you I’m not sitting there naked whilst arranging. Naked represents my efforts to produce floristry in a sustainable way. I’m looking to upcycle, recycle, forage and find unique pieces to build arrangements.
Whether it be recycled bottles or tin, foraging unique fauna or using sustainable products in my arrangements I hope to use these elements with seasonal flowers and produce to create something that connects to my audience in a familiar yet unique way.

What’s the attraction to upcycling and foraging as part of the business?
A: There is so much wastage in many aspects of life. Upcycling and foraging are ways to appreciate and help nature along the way in a positive manor. Whether I be op shopping, accepting preloved goods from friends or making a feature from that old piece of tin on the side of the road I’m helping bring new life to something for others to enjoy, decluttering and finding inspiration all in one.

Where can people find you?
A: The Naked Florist will be doing a pop-up at The Edwards Mothers Day Sunday  May 14th 2017
You can also find me online via Facebook, Instagram and via the website.

Instagram: thenakedfloristau

Facebook: thenaakedflorist

 If we can’t make it on Mother’s Day, will there be another chance?
A: Certainly, I will be attending Various markets in the future. Additionally, The Naked Florist is available for weddings and events, corporate designs and anything in between upon request.  Be sure to follow The Naked Florist’s Instagram and Facebook to keep updated.

Got any hot tips for Novocastrians?
A: We are fortunate enough to live on the most beautiful coastline on the east coast. Take a walk through Glenrock and connect the with native flora and fauna, visit our beaches and explore the rockpools for the beautiful textures that nature gives us in its most raw, naked form 😊

So there you have it. Mother's Day is covered. Visit The Edwards before visiting mum and you will be getting good brownie points and can talk about the local business you heard about and are trying to support! #WinWin