Meet: The Hurricanes, By Kian / by Kian West

The Stag & Hunter is certainly delivering the live music in April! 
We had a quick chat with Paul from The Hurricanes ahead of their show with other local band The Not Nots holding support for The Dark Clouds on April 29th. 

Photo by Craig -  Swamphouse Photography

Photo by Craig - Swamphouse Photography

Tell us a little bit about The Hurricanes, who is in the band, when did you start?
Paul: The Hurricanes originally formed way back in 2010 I think. Our first gig was at Carro Bowlo as a three piece with Rob ‘The Colonel’ Hogan on bass. Current line-up is: Myself (Paul Harris) – Vocals, Guitar – songwriting, Anthony Dean – Drums, Shame Hayter – Guitar, Vocals and Andrew McDonald – Bass, Vocals. Myself (Paul) and Deano have been with the band since the beginning. We’ve had several bass players and guitarists come and go over time. Shame and Andy have been with us for a few years now.

Have any of you been in bands before this one? 
P: I began my illustrious music career with The Mansons, then The Ramjets, The Marones, The Unwanted, several very short-lived outfits I find it difficult to remember right now…The Hudson Rockers, The Pulse, Creatures from the Black Leather Lagoon, The CRAW!
Deano has been with The Hoax, The Not Nots, Favors For Each Other, Sandpaper and many, many more I’m sure…
Shame has been in The Cut Snakes, The Mexican Transvestites, The Dud Roots and The CRAW!
Andy has played with Sandpaper, Sons of Sand and a bunch of others I have no knowledge of…Deano, Shame and Andy are old punk rockers from the 90s, I’m an even older punk rocker from the 80s.

You describe yourselves as “Guitar rock” via Facebook, are there specific influences to the band?P: My musical influences include everything I’ve heard throughout my life which has had a strong effect on me. I try to incorporate a broad range of styles into my songs – little snippets of The Seekers and Alvin Stardust can slip into a song I originally inspired by Neil Young. Then someone will say it reminds them of Radio Birdman or Died Pretty. I love that…

We plan to smash it.
— Paul, The Hurricanes

As a child I would hear songs on the radio – mum always had the radio on. Some songs touch you and stay with you. As I got older this continued and I developed an ear for early glam rock – Bowie, The Sweet, Alice Cooper, T Rex etc.  Then punk rock arrived…Ramones, Buzzcocks, NY Dolls, The Damned, The Saints. Passionate, fearless, high-energy…LOUD GUITARS!

I guess we have a sound and a style that’s evolved over time through all our combined passions and preferences. I don’t tell people how to play my songs…I present them with a core structure, lyrics, basic rhythm and sometimes melody…and let the magic happen. That’s what being a band is for me and I prefer playing with people who are comfortable with that approach.

Playing at the Stag & Hunter April 29th as support for The Dark Clouds and The Not Nots are releasing a Vinyl press of their new album, sounds like an awesome gig, what should we expect from The Hurricanes?
P: We plan to smash it.

What do you think of the local music scene currently? 
P: I’m always happy to see young guys and girls getting out and playing what they love…enjoying that freedom to create and express. It’s still happening, though on a much smaller scale than it was way back in the 80s. Although I guess most of what was available in the boom time of live music in Newcastle was pretty mainstream. There seem to be lots of really interesting, creative acts around now, but few venues for them to play in. 

Favourite local band (other than your own) that Newcastle should check out?
P: That’s tough…good bands that I’m not in…I don’t know of any.
Mainly because I generally only go out when I’m playing…
The Gooch Palms. Are they still playing? Love their sound.

What is next for The Hurricanes? 
P: Total hearing loss. Bad backs. Incontinence. Nursing home.

Catch The Hurricanes live at The Stag & Hunter Hotel April 29th