MEET: THE CRAW / by Kian West

I was scrolling through the gig guide for The Stag & Hunter Hotel this month and wondered who "The Craw" could be... after a little research I discovered they were a local act and that had my attention so I hit up Shane from the band to tell us what they are all about! 

Tell us a little bit about the band?
SHANE: The band is made up of 3 members of The Hurricanes Paul(Harry)Harris- vocals/ guitar, Rob Hogan- bass, Shane Hayter- guitar/vocals, and Steven Squelch- drums. The band draws from elements of garage/punk/surf/glam/blues/psychedelic rock with the focus on original songs and instrumentals.Most of the song’s basic structure is written by Harry and Rob which i then colour in with guitar parts while Steven adds his creative and dynamic drum style to the mix.

When did you start playing together? Have you been in groups before?
S: When I was at school I used to sneak into the local haunts like The Uptown Circus and watch these great local punk bands like The Manson’s etc. I witnessed my first Punk rock gig with Johnny Thunders and Glen Matlock on bass at the Uptown....It was some 30 years later when I actually officially met Harry (The Mansons) through my mate who was dating Margie, Harry’s sister....He came to watch me play at a regular gig I had at The Oriental Hotel in Cooks Hill. After the gig he came up to ask me if I wanted to play lead guitar in his original band The Hurricanes. I said “I don’t play a lot of lead” and he said “you’ll be right” and there it was, five year’s later here we are with our new project “The CRAW”.

Rob was the original Bass player in the Hurricanes and Steven (drums) has been in numerous other band’s including Cabin Fever and Rangers of the Universe etc....

Who are your influences?
S: We all have very similar influences including Alice Cooper, Roky Erickson, Link Wray, The Kinks, Dick Dale, The Stooges, MC5 etc.....New York in the seventies especially for me with bands like Television, New York Dolls, Ramones, Richard Hell, Prix, Alex Chilton, Suicide.....and so on.

Have you got any local favourite artists?
S: Newcastle as a whole is full of some great young talent, are and not just musicians. Laughlin X Morris is doing some fine stuff with pop, Southern End great young psych/rock band and the list goes on.

There is a show coming up?
S: Our next gig is at The Stag on the 29TH JULY, usually we’ll pick a young up and coming band to open for us, but the artist we had in mind was already booked on an east coast tour, so on this occasion it will be Harry and myself in our duo “The Cut Snakes” playing original’s and some cover’s of our fave songwriter’s, followed by “THE WILD OATS” featuring Paul Coxon (faceplant) and “The Craw” headlining for some LOUD garage rock n roll....

What is next?
S: In the next couple of months we will be working on an EP something similar in the format of the Oil’s Bird noises.......very excited about this and hopeful it will be available on vinyl also.


There you have it! Catch The Craw @ The Stag & Hunter Hotel July 29th!