MEET: Split Feed / by Kian West


Tell us a little bit about the band?

We are a four piece punk rock band from Newcastle, Joe Willis (guitar/vocals), Will St Claire (guitar),Brad Mclean (drums), Adam Lindsay (bass) and we fucking love toasted sandwiches.

Why start playing:

At our high school we used to mess around on Friday afternoons in the music rooms as an option for our Friday sport activity. We used to mainly jam and write our own stupid funk music which eventually led into the formation of us as a three piece ‘Blink 182 inspired’ punk trio for Battle of the Bands in Year 11 (we lost). It took us a while to get serious (and win battle of the bands) and to start writing our own music, but once we did we changed the name to ‘Split Feed’ and started playing local shows. It was only recently that we decided to become a four piece, basically because we wanted to start writing more technical songs and have a ‘thiccer’ sound live.


Back in the day we used to be big Blink 182 fans, of course we still are, but we started getting more into modern punk and alternative rock from bands such as Luca Brasi, Violent Soho, Billy Talent and Basement etc. We all listen to heaps of different styles of music but we all thought this sort of genre would suit us well, experimenting with odd chords and notes over each over..


Local Faves:

Maids will always be my absolute favourites forever, still heartbroken that they aren’t together anymore. Local bands we are loving at the moment are Altai (will forever wait for the return show), Dave, The Treehouse Children, RaaveTapes, Fritz, Pals, Vacations, heapssssssmore but there’s not enough time in this band practice to write them all down.


Show coming up:

We’ve all decided to take a break for the majority of the second half of 2017 from playing live shows, possibly going to see if we could write some more music during this break, some of us might travel and what not. The reason for this show is basically to kick off our break with a huge send-off, and we have never been more excited, we know it’sgoing to be absolutely massive. Joining us on the lineup are best mates GOVV, Paper Thin, and Blue Velvet, and we are super stoked to have them on the show. We’re also featuring some sneakyDJ sets in between the bands, Harry Chapman (drummer from Altai), Joab Eastley (Raave Tapes sweetheart), and the infamous B mac Beats ft Jango, behind the deck. The gig is on Friday June 16th at the Cambridge Hotel and we hope to see every beast there.


No shooeys.

What is next:

We’re unsure right now, but we ain’t dead yet…