MEET: Red City / by Kian West

Having heard rumours about this band Red City lately, we asked Dylan to explain a little bit about the band and where they are headed for the rest of 2017.

Red city rock psychedelic band from Newcastle

Tell us a little bit about the band?
Dylan: We’re Red City, four piece Groove / Rock / Psychedelic band from Newcastle.
We all grew up around Redhead and Belmont area.

When did you start playing together? Have you been in groups before?
Braden and Adam had been playing as a duo for around 2 years before the band got together, as a band we’ve been playing together for around 1 and a half years now.

Who are your influences?
Ocean Alley, Delta Riggs, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Us.

Have you got any local favourite artists?
Ill Sylvester, Friday Night Zoo, In Motion, Family Dog, Jones The Cat, Space Goats, and Dane Fitzsimmons.

There is a show coming up? 
Stag & Hunter Hotel 3rd September (Passport to Airlie Beach comp) and then September 22ndat The Lass for our Debut EP ‘Cloudy Day Dreams’ Launch party!

What should people expect?
Intensity and energy

What is next?
Tour for our EP in December