Meet: Mr Sauce, By Hunter Powell / by Newcastle Discovered

The soulful sweet tunes of a man of equal soul and sweetness, that man being no other then Mr. Sauce. Few tracks have been released into the internet’s music realm,  however the man himself unveiled something exciting, exposed those rumors and is soon sending a gift to the universe, The very first Mr. Sauce album.

Mr. Sauce’s contemporaries I would say are Hanni El Khatib and Leon Bridges, two artists who alike Mr. Sauce have drawn great inspiration from funk and Motown. The common denominator between the three:

Musical legends that have the ability to present music that is new and inventive, Music that you can dance and cry too.

I invited Mr. Sauce to be interviewed, he invited me to his house.

Sauce, as he is known as by all of his friends and virtually everyone else, welcomed me warmly into his apartment. He lit some incents, made me a cuppa, we sat down and we had a chat.


H: What are your biggest musical inspirations?

Mr.S: Szymon is a big one; I like the intricacies and minuscule details of what instruments play what part through a song. The guy has a freakish talent to pick up an instrument and play whatever. I’m mostly influenced by a lot of old Funk and Motown stuff  

H: What’s the creative process like for you? How do songs come about usually?

Mr.S: The writing process can start on an acoustic guitar. Other times it comes from my brain; producing melodies in my mind. So I try and hum it out as best as I can, recording it on my iPhone.

Sometimes I’ll play songs I know and try to sing my own melodies over the top, I’ll play around with keys and see what comes out.

HP: How did the name Sauce come about?

When I was living with my best mate Lloyd, him and I used to always say ‘what's going on big Sauce’ to each other. Friends started saying one us needed to call ourselves sauce full time and the name sorta stuck to me. I also worked at the Ori making pizzas, the name kind of sat well for me in the food biz too.

H: How’s it like being a front man now? I know you’ve been playing drums for a lot of acts for a while, how is the transition from backing the band to fronting it?

MR.S: Playing drums for so many people has made me good at observing the front man’s role. I’m not the most out going person until you get to know me, so watching all these other performers have taught me how to do the role better. I’ve kinda of realized I just have to do my own thing, whatever I’m naturally feeling will come out in the performance and I can just hope the audience appreciates that. 

H: Lastly any gigs coming up?

Mr.S: Yeah I will be playing 8th October, Stone & Wood party at Avoca Beach Early October ill be looking at booking an album launch at Lizottes.