MEET: LOUI ABELL / by Kian West

Every month Love+Rent and ourselves throw a little party at The Cambridge Hotel and this month in celebration of Tip Jar, Songwriting Competition for Novocastrians, we asked a heap of talented songwriters to grace our stage for a few originals. 
One of those talented artists is Loui Abell and we asked him to tell us few tales...

loui abell newcastle mirage

Loui, tell us a little bit about yourself?
A fellow Novo, embracing the diverse and prominent music scene in Newcastle right now.

How do you approach songwriting?
I usually approach songwriting the traditional way, sitting on a couch with a guitar or at a piano. More recently I’ve been getting inspiration from watching scenes from my favourite movies or tv shows on mute and strumming to that. That usually helps with the lyrics, I guess it makes it more thematic and relatable.

Can you describe your musical style?
I don’t really have one musical style. I have an amalgamation of styles I’ve picked up from a progressive ( or regressive) music taste. I guess when I first got interested in music it was Jimi Hendrix, John Mayor, Muddy Waters and SRV. But I’ve gone through stages of punk, punk rock, pop punk, pop, electronic and folk. At the moment I’m undertaking an 8 month music production course, so my song writing is mostly channelled into electronic music.

Who are your biggest influences?
Definitely my old guitar teacher Daniel March, legend of a person and a true musician. He has devoted his entire life to music. When he taught me, that passion encouraged me to push further with guitar techniques and improvisation.

Right now my main influence is a Canadian singer named Milosh. He is mostly known as the singer in Rhye and features in various producers (Bonobo, J.Views) songs. I like that his vocals have a feminine wavering quality.

Where do you find your musical inspiration comes from?
It can literally come from anywhere. There is so much music out there (live gigs, Spotify, band camp, soundcloud). When I’m trying to write music, it’s more about the general feeling rather than the theoretical aspects of music. Once you have an idea of what message, emotion or joke you want to convey, then you can start to refine and perfect it. 

Which song do you most wish you wrote?
Tangled up in blue - Bob Dylan.

There is a show coming up? 
Yep. I’m playing at the Newcastle Mirage celebration at the Cambridge on the 24th of September. This competition is focused around songwriting, and hopefully we will be able to get a look at the insane hidden talents around Newcastle at the moment. So that will be epic.

I’ve also got gig with my Grandpa at the Edwards Bar on the 13th of October, which will be pretty fun. He used to play with John Williamson back in the day and taught me piano, and every second weekend me and him play a couple of songs at Carrington Place Hotel. So I’m looking forward to playing to a bigger crowd with him.

What should people expect?
I’ll be playing some originals at the Cambridge, stripped back with just an electric guitar and stomp box.

I’ll be playing a mixture of oldies and my favourite songs at the Edwards with my Grandpa. I’ve convinced him to play ‘Pony’ by Genuine, which should be fun.

What is next?
I’m currently working on an E.P that is a mixture of electronic sound design, guitar and song writing. I’m currently getting everything in place so I can play the songs liveas well as releasing the recorded versions.