Meet: King Single, before you see him April 20, by Kian / by Kian West

Our attentive readers might recognise King Single AKA Robert Nedeljkovic from a previous issue ahead of his performance at The Cambridge Hotel and now he is coming back to headline our next collab event with Love & Rent April 20th! 
So we had a quick as chat with Rob to find out where he is at before this next gig.


Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Rob, what have you been up to King Single wise since Mirage last spoke with you?
Rob: Very much likewise NM ❤ 😊!
I just recently released the Pogi Split EP with my cousin Angelo with a small run of tapes coming out soon on Perfect Hair Records. We’ve also talked about collaborating together again in the near future which I’m really excited for other than that, I’ve been sporadically playing shows, and still writing riffs on my bed.  

Any music or musician you are currently obsessed with?
R: Recently, without any irony, but maybe a bit of shame, I’ve been revisiting a lot my mid to late (’04-‘08) teen music tastings such as Bloc Party, Interpol, Abe Vigoda, Deerhoof, Animal Collective etc etc.. BUT in all seriousness, a band that’s always in my rotation is Women, and my go to track of theirs is Shaking Hand. It’s the riff I wish I had written.

What should people expect when you play at our Cambridge gig?
R: As per usual, me being pretty stationary because I unfortunately don’t have the coordination or confidence to dance and play guitar simultaneously. 

Have you seen Jen Buxton play before?
R: I totally have 😊 solo, back in the days of Like…Alaska, and on the youtube.

Got any hot tips for local artists we should check out?
R: Belle Badi for sure ❤ nothing but pure pop ❤ so much groove with all the feels!

Any last comments for us?
R: I’m gonna leave you with imo my hottest twitter take of the year thus far …



I can’t wait to see y’all next week ❤ Kindest regards, Rob. xo