MEET: Hypnofuzz / by Kian West

Ahead of their gig with Port Royal Friday September 15th, we got a few quick answers from Hypnofuzz, the hypnotic rockers set to shape eardrums with psychedelic tunes, about their band and what is coming up...


Tell us a little bit about the band?

We're a psychedelic rock band, all residing in Newcastle. The initial line up formed just under a year ago and eventually formed into the present 'Hypnofuzz'. We have a demo available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and you can catch us between Hamilton and Rathmines smashing out some tasty jamz!!

When did you start playing together? Have you been in groups before?

Mikaela Coren, singer and Max Anderson, lead guitarist met at TAFE while studying a Music Diploma, we collaborated with our former guitarist, bassist and drummer up until they went their own ways, our dynamic now includes Alex McWhriter (bassist) and Alex Knee (Drummer). Mikaela, Max and Alex M have all been in different groups. Mikaela and Max have played in a blues 5 piece, Alex was with a punk group named 'Yours Alone' and 'Boy, Oh Boy', a band with an indie, garage vibe.

Who are your influences?

We draw our influences from various genres and artists but our sound is reminiscent of; Led Zeppelin, Tool, The Pixies, and King Gizzard

Have you got any local favourite artists?

We love lots of local artists but some faves are: Arcades and Lions, Voodoo Youth, The Hedonists, Vanishing Shapes and Zappo.

There is a show coming up? 

Yes we have a few coming up in the next month,

The small ballroom on the 13th of September with the 'Medheads' for 'psychedelic goo'

The Cambridge on the 15thwith Brisbane headliners 'Port Royal', Sydney guys, 'BREIZERS' and Newy local act 'Diplazar'.

The Cambridge on the 16th for a fundraiser for schizophrenia, 'The Man in the Doorway' along with a lineup of various local acts.

The Hamilton Station on the 30th with Melbourne guys 'Devil Electric' along side Newcastle local act 'Drug Mother'

What should people expect?

We like to experiment with an array of different sounds although we tend to stick to a groovy, trippy kind of sound with some psychedelic breakdowns thrown in the mix.

What is next?

We have some recording coming up in the coming months as well as an additional member coming back to join us from Brisbane, hopefully a tour in the works as well, along with an album release. Watch this space! <3