Meet: Grace Turner, By Kian / by Kian West

Mirage is constantly on the lookout for local musicians doing cool stuff in the city. 
We spotted Grace Turner on the bill for an event at The Old Victoria,East Maitland this Saturday and were like "Isn't Grace a Novocastrian?" so once we confirmed that little detail we had to find out some more... 

Images by: Hannah Rose Robinson

Images by: Hannah Rose Robinson

Tell us a little bit about yourself Grace, when did you start playing music?
Grace: I have been obsessed with music, songwriting and singing since I was very young. It wasn’t until I was 15 and learnt to play the guitar that I had a way to turn them into anything. Then add another ten years until they sounded any good!

Who would you say are your influences? 
G: I’ve always taken a lot of influence from who is around me, the musicians I go to see play and my friends! My mum gave me a love for Nina Simone, The Smiths and Lucinda Williams. My dad passed down Patti Smith and Bob Dylan for the poetry and The Beatles as an all time favourite. Fiona Apple, Beth Orton and Suzanne Vega were my high school sweethearts and throw a bit of Cocteau Twins and Jefferson Airplane in and we have a good selection!

You’re playing with Stephanie Grace and Georgie Fisher at The Old Victoria,East Maitland What can people expect?
G: Fly Sunday Promotions have gone to a lot of effort to make this a really special evening. There will be food by El Poco Loco and an in house bar. Steph and Georgie are both great songwriters and storytellers. It will be a special night!

Photos by: Hannah Rose Robinson

Photos by: Hannah Rose Robinson

Where do you normally like hanging out in Newcastle?
G: I love my house so I am there a lot. I also enjoy the coffee shop across the road, Portafilter and The Stag as it’s also on my street and a great bar and live music venue.

What do you think of the local music scene currently? 
G: Amazing. There is an extremely supportive, motivated and talented community of musicians in Newcastle right now. I am glad I’m able to be a part of it!

Favourite local band/artist that Newcastle should check out?
G: There is so many! Ahlia Rain is my newest discovery. And an all time favourite is Marion. Neither of these ladies have any online presence so you have to get off the Internet and go to a show!

What is next for Grace Turner?
 I am currently working on my next release, a 4 track EP. I’m exited to get it out into the world. I dream to do a full-length album after that.

Sounds like an amazing gig right? You can find all the details: HERE