MEET: FEIKE, your new Newcastle Transport solution / by Kian West

Our page gets tagged on lots of posts and most of the time it is super annoying, but sometimes it connects us with awesome ideas and then so starts the hunt for more information. That's how things started with FEIKE and I hit up Daniel Spiteri to get all the right points about this one...

Who is involved with FEIKE? 
At this stage it is just myself and my wife Jackie.

How do you take your coffee? 

Where did the idea come from? 
A good friend of mine was telling about a dude that used to come and pick him and his wife up on a bike in the UK when they had too much to drink. I said this is brilliant, Newcastle would love this service!!! I suggested we opened one in Newcastle, He declined, but I knew how many times I had been caught out myself, and the city of Newcastle, the people of Newcastle would really thrive on a service like this. 
From your muso’s who finish playing a gig and just want to have a couple but don’t want to leave their equipment in the car. To the family that just want to go to a BBQ and both parents being able to drink, but still get the kids home safely. To the person who just felt the vibe of staying out but face the struggle of getting their car home. Or the person too hung over to get their car the next morning, I say don’t risk other people’s lives or DUI just call, it is much safer.

I just thought I could be there for all these people and more.

you drink we ride feiki feike

How does it work? 
You simply get on the website (App is coming soon) and make a booking, or call 1800 IFEIKE (1800 433 453).
I will ride the bike to your location, fold it up, put it in your boot, and drive YOU and your CAR home. Then once you are home I unfold bike and cycle to next location.

What is the plan, expansion across Australia? Skateboards? 
Yes, I am working on a team at the moment, that will help me expand Feike across Australia, and across the Tasman.
Skateboards…..Hmmm…….I like it…..We may need to talk!!

Who made that cool video? 
The legend David Fulham!!

Can people get involved? 
As mentioned before I am working with a team at the moment sorting out how we are going to scale Feike, once this is sorted I will be looking to employee riders around the Newcastle region, I would love anyone who is interested to contact me now so I can start the interview process.

Favourite landmark in Newcastle? 
Merewether baths top car park, then walk up to the grassy hill above it. Over looks all 3 beaches, always birds flying around, pure bliss, we just sit back and take in all in!

Sounds cool huh? Check out their website