MEET: e 4 4 4 4 e / by Kian West

Have you heard about e 4 4 4 4 e before? Electronic music producer, known as Romy to some, he has been playing the local scene for a while now and has some big news so we were glad when Romy asked us to help him share it...

e 4 4 4 4 e

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
R: My name’s Romy. I make music at home and play shows around. I’m not really sure how to describe my music. It’s a super visual thing to me. Melodic and textural. I spend a lot of time doing it.

When did you start creating?
About 3 or 4 years ago I started recording stuff with a sampler and a few other things. Making simple droney sorta stuff. Always felt like trying to make rock with one or two chords on a synth. I guess that’s what a lot of Edgar (EP released in 2015) was.

Who are your influences?
I listen to so much music at home that the influence now kinda comes from outside. Just walking around where I live or having a conversation with my friends about something. The way that sound moves around out in Glenrock. I’m listening to lots of Built To Spill nowadays though. The Cure’s early live stuff, Arthur Russell, Spacemen 3, Slowdive’s new album is sweet. Jan Jelinik’s Loop Finding Jazz Records. Can. I like stuff that has melody but is abstracted in a weird visual way, stuff that confuses me a bit when I first hear it. Talking Heads. I owe a lot to Stereolab and Animal Collective too.

Have you got any local favourite artists?
I love Collector. His live shows always punch me in the face. Treasure Troves and Shysters, their stuff confuses me in a good way too. Noah’s stuff for dave and Yev Kassem is super good. The way he writes in really sweet melodies with cool song structures these days is crazy.

There is a show coming up? 
On the 3rd of September, we’re doing the single launch for my new song ‘Cluster’. Coming out soon. All my favourite solo (sort of) artists are playing with me on a Sunday afternoon. Yev Kassem, Toytown, Treasure Troves, Taki Local. Tim from HOBOTECHNO will project all arvo.

What should people expect?
Really good jams. All the guys playing are always sweet, and I think they fit well together. Anyone into the more textural or psych-ish side of music from Newcastle I think should come out. I always try to make the live shows different from the recorded stuff too, more rhythmic and rolling. Visuals to add to the sonic soup. Tim always adds something more.

What is next?
I’m in the middle of writing the next release, somewhere between an EP and an album. It should be out by the end of the year. I’ll be playing heaps of shows around too so catch me if you get a chance. I’ll see you out there.