Meet: Dylan Weir AKA Creepy Dylan / by Kian West

When you hear of an event like "Cooked Memories" it is time to find out what is going on there. So as usual, Mirage did just that and asked one of the team behind the event what it is, this is what Dylan Weir told us:

Dylan, What is Homebase Newcastle all about?
Dylan: We put on boutique events in newy, and we're expanding into also doing private events later in the year. My partner Emma and I had the idea to start up fortnightly events upstairs at the Gallipoli Legion Club with live music of all different types together on the bill Which we called “Legionnaire”. It was a bit of a failure and we only did one – although it was a great experience and the event was loads of fun. Voodoo Youth and Amy Vee co-headlined and they kicked ass. Now we're doing our 1990s-themed dance parties, “Cooked Memories”. The first one was killer and the second one is around the corner. 

And you are a DJ?
D: I've meddled with production for a while and started Djing in recent years, house parties and events mostly. It's really fun to me, I don't take myself too seriously. 

Who are your favourite DJs and Producers?
D: Always been a huge Norman Cook fan - he was my introduction to electronic and sample based music. Big beat bangers that make you feel good. His DJ set is all about rocking the house and making everyone smile, nothing pretentious about that. Also love UNKLE, they have morphed into various styles over the years, almost a rock group at the moment, but always layered with emotion and atmosphere.

And you are putting on an event “Cooked Memories” can you explain that to people?
It's a few hundred people in the Croatian Club dressed in 90's gear getting loose to massive dance bangers from 20 or so years back. Old school rave vibes. Lasers, glow sticks, old school video games on the projector, smiling faces everywhere. 

what we originally wanted to do was to put on a rave, but we don't know how to do that – we're not part of that scene at all. And I am much more into the old school sounds anyway and I never got to enjoy those hectic types of parties that I see on old Youtube vids now. I remember my disappointment with Newcastle nightlife when I had just become old enough to go out in town years ago. I thought it was going to be banging venues playing the techno and big beat tracks I loved, Like in the movie Human Traffic – but it was exactly the same music I'd hear on video hits on a sunday morning. The first time I had a pill I was at the Jolly Roger and the DJ was playing that Jennifer Lopez song “Let's get loud”, and I thought “what the fuck is this shit?” I didn't know that adults actually listened to trash like that. I went up to the DJ booth and told him “Play some chemical brothers or something” and he fucking took a swing at me. So yeah, “going out” wasn't what I hoped it would be, but now we can put on our own parties with a real DIY feel. 

Who should come?
D: Anyone who likes dressing up (it's not mandatory though), anyone who's ever been described as “loose” or “cooked”  & people who miss the good ol' days.

Any last words? 
D: Support local DIY events and local artists whenever you can, people! These things – even though they're small, they take loads of work to put together and you'll always make great memories being part of something fresh, personal and alive! Beach Street, Wicking Out, Bandapalooza – Go! 

Cooked Memories #2 '90s Dance Party - JULY 1ST @ The Croation Sports Club Wickham