MEET: Diplazar  / by Kian West

Personally, I am really excited to catch Port Royal when they come to Newcastle on the 15th of September and in the lead up to the show I happened to look up their supports and two of them happen to be Newcastle bands! WHAT? Yes, so I asked a DIPLAZAR who they were and what's going on for them before I see them. 

Tell us a little bit about the band?
Diplazar is a groovy four-piece Newcastle based band morphing different styles, inspirations, and genres together to forge a unique quirky vibe. We enjoy experimenting with our sound and telling intriguing stories through our lyrics 

When did you start playing together? Have you been in groups before?
The four of us met early last year at the University of Newcastle and were all interested in forming a band. Since this time, we have been honing our skills at venues such as The Lass, and the Hamilton station and our local university. The drummer Jacob Luton and the bassist Sam Madden played previously played together in metal and hardcore bands they created during school. Jacob fronts his own band, Sam plays in other bands and does diverse freelance bass work ranging from jazz and country. Trent Pepper, the singer and rhythm guitarist, has does some original solo work of his own, has also been gigging with Grant Walmsley, recently sang at the Eric Clapton concert in Sydney and will be performing at live on the foreshore later this year. He has been in a school band too with lead guitarist Oscar Sloan. Oscar has also played the saxophone in a big Jazz band that has played in many countries overseas.

Who are your influences? 
Where to begin? The easy question is who isn’t any influence! As we all come from different backgrounds of musical innovation we would claim it as a mixed bag. Currently Jazz plays a big influence and we have been stimulated by the Thundercats who write for Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus and Akamai Washington. Obviously, there is a strong acknowledgement to the Red-Hot Chilli Peppers. Our band members also love the Arctic monkeys, Gorillaz, Cream, Queen, Childish Gambino and Tool just to mention a few. We also have a big heart for our fellow Aussie musicians such as Sticky Fingers, Ocean Alley, INXS, The Delta Riggs, Kingswood and Tame Impala.

Have you got any local favourite artists? 
Yes, we certainly do, Bravo Victor is one of our faves, in fact, the bassist in their duo taught our bassist! The Venom Lips, formally known as in motion play some good jams, Zappo and Red City. We also enjoy listening to the No-Fi bands.

There is a show coming up? 
We have a few planned with more in the making. Currently, you can catch us on the 15th of September at the Cambridge hotel in which we will be opening for awesome Port Royal for part of their tour. At the same location the next day after, we will be performing at “The man in the doorway” fundraiser. Not to give too much away but we also have a very special gig on the 24th of November at the Lass. (Keep that day free) 

What should people expect? 
Aw only the lankiest drummer in NSW, crazy noises from a bassist with too many strings, a body builder on the guitar for the ladies and a gifted vocalist with a funky voice stolen from a god

What is next? 
Producing more music and playing more shows around Newcastle and Sydney.