Maudie Mac's Traveling Tea House Pt. 1 / by Kian West


One of the greatest pleasures of working at Newcastle Mirage is the people you meet and hear their story as part of highlighting the fantastic cultural underbelly of Newcastle. One of these amazing people is Maria, a wonderful lady with the most incredible of Traveling Tea Houses. Having more than a decade experience running Bed & Breakfast and High Teas in Newcastle, one day a spark ignited within Maria that she wanted more, or rather, a different adventure. Maria wanted something of a unique offering extending from her long-lived passion for High Tea but delivering to a new community of people.Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 3.26.36 pm  








What came of this spark is ‘Maudie Mac’s Traveling Tea House’ a special little caravan, beautifully decorated by the always incredible Pocket Design, a roaming offering for those looking for something that little bit special.



As Maudie’s website states “Maudie offers boutique catering services for small-medium sized events (30-60 people). She specialises in Devonshire teas and personalised High Tea and can travel to any location of your choosing in the Newcastle region. Maudie can cater your event herself, but is also happy working along side others.” It really is the sweetest little shop on wheels.

I like I said it really is a highlight getting to meet fantastic people, Maria certainly is one of them, you instantly understand why she has a reputation of excellence and a long history of delivering superb experiences to her customers. Maria is the kinds of person that you could walk into her company a stranger and feel as though, you may somehow be related by the end. Maria is so personable and lovely, Maria and her partner are the reason you a sure to have a wonderful time.

You can catch Maudie Mac’s at the next Hunt & Gather Markets (June 21) or jump on their website and book an event, add that special touch to a Hen’s night, baby shower, or special occasion. Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 3.27.02 pm