Machines For song PREMONITION / by Amy Theodore


Venturing into the path of solo artists, Machines For Dreams (Lachlan Morris) has just released his new song Premonition. IMG_3540-Edit-Edit

Working on the track for the last two years, the piece boosts a cool complex combination of electronic and indie sounds. With production that vibes with the lyrical content, it has an almost movie soundtrack quality feel to it. As the song builds the sounds continue to layer so that by the end, if you listen closely, you can here a magnitude of sounds happening. Despite a lot going on, each piece is perfectly pieced together to create that beautiful, dream-like sound, that then fades into a funky experimentation of sounds.


You can grab a free copy for yourself via Soundcloud (link: or his Triple J Unearthed page (link:


Watch for another single within the coming months, and some live show dates come 2015.