Local Kids Ready To Go Live... On The Lawn. / by Laura Kebby

Just when you thought the festival season was well behind us, EAO entertainment have found a way to fill our ears with some killer tunes and pack out the Bar On The Hill with the newly named Live On The Lawn set for the 27th of May.  It's always a dream come true for me really, when I see local acts included amongst a mix of the most talented up and comers gracing the radio waves at the moment. Because amongst the likes of Japanese Wallpaper, Gretta Ray and my personal favourite Ali Barter, Newcastle's own The Treehouse Children and Split Feed will get the chance to hit the stage and give the kids what they really want. Some incredible live and local music. 

Just in case you've been dodging the crowds and widespread buzz as of late, The Treehouse Children have just dropped their debut EP - Please, which is jam packed full of catchy indie-pop jams guaranteed to have you dancing like it's the first day of summer.

These guys are like that bright turquoise/pink flamingo button up shirt wear you wear to your dream summer party. You know, the one that finally grabs the attention of the partner of your dreams, and together you spend the rest of your days sipping home made punch on the back veranda.  

Likewise, Newy's second favourite sons Split Feed kicked off the year in style with their latest EP, Late Bloomer.

The punk outfit have been an absolute staple within the live and local music scene and remain constant crowd favourite. At the Bar On The Hill on the 27th of May, punters will be able to feast their ears on Split Feed's unique brand of of hot fire, catchy, indie punk tunes, which are sure to sensationally spray the crowd with wonder. Just like a cold on a hot day, Split Feed are, just what you need. 

Ticket for Live On The Lawn will go on sale through Oztix on MONDAY the 27th of FEBRUARY! And here's to supporting and celebrating our local artists doing cool local things! BUY HERE


Thumbnail photo supplied by Solomon Wilks @Soltookthis. Follow him on instagram for more incredible pics, find him about town capturing the awesome moments from your everyday!

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