What We've Been Listening to in 2017 / by Brooke Tunbridge


Kian West

Self-confessed pop princess. 

1. 'Malibu' - Miley Cyrus
2. 'Humble' - Kendrick Lamar
3. 'Shape of You' - Ed Sheeran
4. 'Look Who You Made Me Do' - Taylor Swift
5. 'Green Light' - Lorde
6. 'Strip That Down' - Liam Payne
7. 'Praying' - Kesha
8. 'Bad Liar' - Selena Gomez
9. 'Side to Side' - Ariana Grande
10. 'Slide' - Calvin Harris

1. The Owls
2. Skyepaint
3. Paper Thin
4. Raave Tapes
5. Jericho 



Spencer Scott

When I think of bands from Newcastle that continue to go above and beyond - Safe Hands is a name that constantly springs to mind. On the stage and in the studio, the band continue to push the boundaries of their sound with intelligent musicianship and cathartic performances.

After releasing the phenomenal Tie Your Soul To Mine in 2016, the band followed it up by releasing a surprise EP. Disenchanted, I'm Sure continues the journey the band has been on for years, softening their sound without removing any of it's intensity. Across four tracks, there isn't a single heavy vocal, but contains plenty of crushing moments; like when singer Benjamin Louttit (and producer Lincoln Le Fevre) plead "I don't want these dreams anymore) in 'Pine'. Safe Hands are, in my opinion, one of the most underrated bands in Australia.

2017 wrapped spencer.jpg

Jess Moog

Lucky for us banger-loving folk, 2017 has been an absolute bonza year for new music. We’ve been #blessed with fresh stuff from unreal Aussie outfits like The Smith Street Band, Gang of Youths and Cub Sport. Our eyes (and eardrums) have witnessed the emergence of brilliant amateur artists such as Alex the Astronaut, Ruby Fields and Didirri. And that’s truly not even the half of it! I mean, 2017 may have taken Chester Bennington from us (RIP), but at least she gave us some bloody grouse tunage in return.

Narrowing my personal favourites down to just five songs and five artists has pretty much just given me a minor brain aneurism, and that is because if I had my own way, this list would be about two weeks long and girthier than Newy’s penis tower. But somehow, I have managed to scoop up the majority of my brain cells off the floor and create a list that I think sums up my year pretty darn accurately.

So here it is my friends, the hardest decision I’ve had to make this month, enjoy.

TOP SONGS (in no particular order):
1. ‘True Lovers’ – Holy Holy
2. ‘Pitted’ – Sløtface
3. ‘Ubu’ – Methyl Ethyl
4. ‘Pain’ – The War on Drugs
5. ‘What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?’ – Gang of Youths

TOP ARTISTS (also in no particular order):
1. Gang of Youths
2. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
3. Polish Club
4. Bad//Dreems
5. London Grammar


Brooke Tunbridge


If Angie McMahon's 'Slow Mover' was available on Spotify earlier in the year, it definitely would have been featured in this list, it's all I listen to. Things I've learnt from this list: majority of my data is used on Spotify, and I'm a sucker for Wil Wagner's Aussie twang (I already knew this, but have fallen in love all over again). 

2017 wrapped.jpg

What makes my eyes light up is that I've seen all of these acts in the last 12 months, or will see them in the next two (Mac Demarco I'm looking at you). Although seeing Fleetwood Mac was over a year ago, I saw the OG (original gypsy) Stevie Nicks, so I'm going to count that.  I'm so grateful that these artists have made such incredible and diverse sounds for me and many others to enjoy. While The Smith Street Band will always have a special spot in my heart, Holy Holy are quickly rising to become my favourite Australian act (their Like A Version covering Beyonce definitely fast tracked that process). 


Hannah Stretton

To be honest when the results came in for what my year in music looked like, according to my streams on Spotify, I was not at all surprised. That being said, I don’t just listen to the likes of the artists aforementioned in ‘My 2017 Wrapped’ run down, but the playlists I played on loop and the songs I managed to learn all the lyrics to were without a doubt from the likes of Dua Lipa and Harry Styles (in particular).  

2017 wrapped hannah.jpg

Dua Lipa, I think is one of the best breakthrough pop artists of 2017. She kind of just popped out of nowhere (which was not the case, with the artist finding her feet on Youtube) with her banger, ‘Be the One’, in 2015 and she just kept on going from there to release even more banging tracks. My favourite and what I’ve classified as my ‘song of the year’, being ‘New Rules’.

What I love most about Dua Lipa is her ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude (IDGAF also being a song of hers) and the lyrics that make up her song collection. Dua Lipa is all about empowering the woman. She doesn’t subject women to the marginalised sexualisation of a lot of mainstream Pop tunes, but rather promotes a liberated sexual woman - someone who can be smart, sexy and be in total control - something women for too long have been told they cannot be. I think she’s showing a lot of people who’s boss and I’m living for it.

Favourite Tracks: ‘New Rules’, ‘Lost In Your Light (feat. Miguel)’, ‘Hotter Than Hell

As for my other most streamed artist, he’s been a love of mine for quite some time.

Mr. Harry Styles, former (‘we’re on a break’) One-Direction member went solo and as much as my little boy band heart breaks, his album glued all the pieces back together again.

Listening to Harry Style’s self-titled debut album was like going back in time to old-school 70s rock, where the likes of The Ramones were Gods and flared bottom jeans and vinyl were all the rage. It’s a completely different sound to One Direction, but it’s Harry Styles to a tee.

It’s raw, it’s emotive, playful and alternative - it’s basically sitting in the car with Harry Styles - now, who wouldn't want that? I sure as hell would be calling shot-gun.

Favourite Tracks: ‘Woman’, ‘Kiwi’, ‘Only Angel’