Living a Parallel Life, by Piper Butcher / by Newcastle Discovered

Some extraordinary people in the world share a secret unlike the rest…they live a parallel life.

Piper Parallel Lives Oct18 Joal PPG.jpg

 Joal Butcher is one of many people in Newcastle that have given this a red hot go, and it has turned out terrifically.

Joal is currently working at PPG which is a global company that as Joal states, “sells anything with a coat of paint on it!” This mainly fits under the umbrella of architectural, marine, aero motive, commercial, industrial products, and of course the department he works in, automotive.

Joal’s official role at PPG is a territory manager, which he has been doing for the past 3 years. This job entails the responsibilities of making sure customers from the Hawkesbury River to Coffs Harbour use the company’s paint correctly, and to keep workshops up to date with new technology that they could be further benefiting from in the workplace. “Myself and a bunch of mates created an event called the Mud Run which was traditionally based off of NASCAR racing, which once was cars driving on an oval mud track,” Joal stated. Little did he know, this fun and nostalgic way of racing that he once started would blossom into a large event with over 1,400 people attending! This is what Joal knows as his parallel life.  This event is usually held in the off season in Winter, and is family-friendly with camping, food trucks on site and a fun Hot Wheels competition for the kids on the day of the main event.

  Joal has been a spray painter by trade since he was 15 and he has said, “The reason that I became a spray painter is because I am interested in cars and always have been. Coming with painting cars, I was painting hot rods and classic cars and that sort of style. That is my hobby; hot rods and classics. Anything with a chrome bumper bar, really!”  This is what has led Joal to being both successful within his job role and creating, planning & providing a great weekend for car lovers.

The Mud Run Committee has a host of people of ages up to 70 years. “Sometimes you need experience over enthusiasm, and sometimes you need enthusiasm over experience,” as Joal explained on this topic. This is a large contributing factor that balances the event so there are sensible rules but yet some slightly cheeky fun. He continued to tell me about the outside network of volunteers that aren’t particularly in the core group of the Mud Run but still are a big help and make his job easier immensely. “There are people ranging from different car clubs, to singular people and then people that generally want to help out to keep the event running.”

After we talked about the event and his job I then asked Joal about what he believed his life would be like and if he thinks his lifestyle will change in a couple of years.  He told me that he that he is completely happy with how well the Mud run is going and he hopes that it doesn’t grow much bigger at all.

All in all, Joal is happy where he is in life. With what you would call a parallel life, he can find a way and succeed to provide both fun memories, and a house overhead for his family.  He is definitely an extraordinary person and I doubt that will change any time soon.

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