Live and Local at Lizotte's, an experience piece, by Amanda Rose / by Newcastle Discovered

Live and Local gigs at Lizotte’s in Lambton are fucking legendary!

Our host for the evening escorted us to our table, “it’s the theatre’s 110th anniversary next year!”
The red curtains above the stage and the tea light candles on each table casting a red glow onto the faces of my friends as we settled in with some nibbles and drinks.

New talent Todd Haywood was... dare I say it? Cute!
His acoustic covers of love songs was so endearing I found myself making audible “NAW” sounds on multiple occasions. Especially when he prefaced one with a story about his first relationship, which lasted a total of two weeks.
Heartbreaking for a 14 year old, I’m sure (I remembered my own ~*tragic*~ break up at that age...)

Crazy Old Maurice was on next with some killer tunes and a great presence, as always! Caitlin’s voice gets me in the gut, time and time again.
Also, her jacket was super sparkly under the stage lights and I am a literal magpie.
Tim Evans (or should I say Luigi? IDK) on the glockenspiel was probably the funniest part of the night... I had never witnessed this before and personally think it was a nice touch. It brought back fond childhood memories of playing the glockenspiel in the library at school when I was 11. Double Bassist, Mike Collins, got thrown in the deep end when they played a song he had never played, nor even heard before... but he worked out the chords by ear and absolutely killed it.

Byren, and the Dream Band... which included two... count em TWO drum kits... absolutely slayed. There was a couple of moments when Byren was doin’ the thing he does with his voice where I literally transcended to a different plane of existence and forgot where or who I was. Also his energy is just next level, and I find it absolutely intoxicating to watch him perform.

I also took great delight in hearing Byren referring to background noise as sonic real estate.

I’m sure he hears it all the time after a gig, but I was fangirling fucking hard and just wanted to explain how amazing he made me feel with just his voice.
So I yelled “THANK YOU” from the crowd, with my arms open wide in an embrace and he blew me a kiss. I think I died, or creamed my panties.

Maybe a bit of both.
It was a spiritual experience.

Afterwards, Caitlin and Tim from COM pulled me in for a full bodied hug. Embracing musicians after a gig is always a blissfully sweaty affair and I live for it. Their energy is so tangible, their eyes are full of stars.

We paid the bill which our host let us split 4 ways, bloody legend! (I don’t think anywhere else in Newy lets you do this, just sayin’).

Prices were reasonable. It was approx $45 for a beer, a quarter of a bread and dip platter, fish, chips and salad AND an apple crumble with ice cream... plus the $10 cash we paid at the door which went straight to the artists... a great night out with the girls for $50? Too easy.
You could go more gourmet options, bottles of wine or even some cocktails for a more extravagant night out... or even do it on a budget with an entree and some table water (which the lovely staff made sure was constantly topped up!)

10/10 would recommend.
Now if only the bus timetables would stop being shit so we don’t have to nominate a deso.