Lighting a path to success, by Rayannon Innes / by Newcastle Discovered

Lighting a path to success

When given the opportunity to tour the United States, two-wheeled travel and photography is what Kerry does best. After all, the business of off-road cycling across the mountainous Great Divide can spark quite the photo.


Kerry Staite, dedicated cyclist and founder of K-Lite Dynamo Lighting Systems has recently returned from a three-week tour in the states where his pedal-powered lights ensured competition cyclists had the highest standard of safety and efficiency on their ride. For Kerry, the annual race where competitors traverse the 4,418 km Rocky Mountains with little more than a bike and a backpack was the obvious choice to sell, promote and further test his lighting a battery products.

“It’s not uncommon for a cyclist to come under harm or worse, during the race”; asserted Kerry who understands the necessity of bright, durable bike lighting more than most. With the route taking competitors into the harshest of climates from Canada to New Mexico, simple avoidable accidents on the roads are what threaten cyclists the most. Nevertheless, Kerry’s K-Lite products not only saw competitors safely through the two-week campaign but were the light of choice for the winning competitor.

As the dynamo pedal-powered batteries worked to generate energy for the cyclists’ lights and backpack of essentials, Kerry tagged along over the two-week long stretch with camera in hand and water on tap. Although the avid cyclist in Kerry would have loved to enter the competition, the job of event and product photographer required more than two wheels.

Three weeks, ten flights, and twelve cities; although brief, this was the right equation for Kerry to get K-Lite generating energy and excitement within the US market. Having now established dealerships in Canada and North America in addition to prior partnerships made in Europe, Kerry has his sights - and lights - set back home in Australia.

In collaboration with local and state-wide bike suppliers, Kerry will be promoting his K-Lite products by lighting the paths of cyclists commuting from Sydney to Newcastle in the sixth annual Newcastle Overnight ride. Kerry will be photographing and filming the iconic event taking place on the 11th of November that has cyclists embark at Sydney Observatory Hill and finish at Newcastle Baths for breakfast at sunrise. You can register to take part in the night ride here.