Let Me Tell You About - The Space In Between, By Laura Kebby / by Laura Kebby

I’m constantly trying to do things differently, almost feeling my way I guess and lately this has been a day to day occurrence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not buying tights and engaging in some sort of health kick, nor am I quitting caffeine, listening to Enya or learning to play the bass guitar. Because for me, it’s less about trying new things than it is about seeing which old habits don’t necessarily fit anymore. I’m so greatly influenced by the people around me, this is both a good and a bad thing. I wrote some words last week about the kindness of strangers, and how sometimes we really do need to throw caution to the wind and accept the fact that sometimes fate does have something to do with the things we do, but more importantly the person we wish to be. But what about those we keep closest to us?

See, creatives are complex, often weighed down by their own thoughts sometimes missing what some would consider key details. Because it’s the spaces in between that I really worry about. On the surface, we might be chatting to you about the day to day, all the while getting caught up in what you’re thinking about, how you’re feeling and in my case, whether you noticed that the song playing on the radio is lyrical perfection, and whether it broke your heart like it just did mine. I do get distracted and my mind often wanders. But it’s the spaces in between that are sometimes skipped over, and whilst some may be hustling from A to B, I’m looking at you and wondering what you were thinking about when you first left your front door this morning. Wondering if you’re feeling apprehensive about the day, what you’re listening to, thinking, feeling. I’ll look at you with such wonder and intent constantly making you the protagonist of your own story. I have lots of these collected, and there’s probably one about you.

There is no ‘dead air’ inside my mind and I often think that’s why I write. There’s a constant stream of thoughts about God knows what floating around inside my mind. And this is why I am constantly searching for someone who loves words as much as I do, someone who takes the time to understand the way others see the world and most importantly the spaces in between. This can be difficult, because you’ll rarely meet a creative who is open to sharing their deepest darkest, willing to hand over their carefully crafted words only for you to suddenly see them for who they really are. But this connection, really, is what we all lust after, creatives or otherwise.

Back to habits. Like I said I’m not really taking up anything new, I’m really cutting out the old. And the first step in this process for me, is working out the people I want around me in order for me to be the best version of myself. As new-agey as that sounds, take a second to think, who are the people in your life that make you happy? Who are the people you can leave your thoughts with? Who is it that you can sit with and appreciate the space in between? Because with true depth and understanding comes connection. Take the time to be purposeful and personally unapologetic in regards to the thoughts running through your mind. Are there habits you can break? Or maybe rekindle something that was perhaps left by the wayside to fit with what you thought you needed.  A few people I’ve been lucky enough to bump into recently, fit this bill for me, making me realise that passion is wonderful, creativity can be a driving force, and the space in between is a place I can choose to be.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, find someone to connect with, surround yourself with passionate people, and refuse to settle for anything less.