Let Me Tell You About... One Word / by Laura Kebby

photo: @you_can_totally_sit_with_us

photo: @you_can_totally_sit_with_us

When was the last time you did something for the first time? When was the last time you did something that terrified you, or gave you the rush of adrenaline you’ve secretly been craving? When was the last time you backed yourself, so explicitly you felt as though you could really do anything? It’s still that time of year when we are asking questions from not only ourselves but from those closest to us. Are you someone who likes to set New Years Resolutions? I am… in a sense. At the end of 2015 as midnight rang out I said, out loud, that all I wanted for 2016 was to be happy. It seems as though I set a low bar for myself perhaps, but I feel like that one word, happy, encompassed so many possibilities for me. Looking back on it now, I really think that by focusing on that one particular word or really in this case, a sentiment, I really felt empowered to go after the things that was going to push me in that one direction – happy.

I’m a pretty easy person to please when it comes down to it, like Sunday afternoons at Lowlands, happy hour at one of many great establishments throughout our town, excellent coffee (Good Brother, Dark Horse Espresso and Welsh blacks I’m looking at you), smashed patriarchy sandwiches (or smashed avocado whichever you prefer – the Locale in Lambton is currently my favourite), wonderful company, and live music. With those things, I am pretty well set in terms of my hierarchy of needs. But I also made the conscious decision to really chase that ultimate feeling of fulfillment and start to actively choose to lead that exciting life. But for 2017, what is my word? It definitely didn’t come as organically as last year’s did. Last year for me I think was all about laying a really great foundation for what the next step in this crazy snakes and ladders game of life looks like. So I stewed, but I also asked the people I care about most for some inspiration. I’m not going to name them and/or shame them I guess you could call it but I thought I would share some thoughts either way.

“Yes”. Said one, after some hesitation. But that’s just the way she is. So incredibly stoic and reserved but I do know that one day she will conquer the world. Because it was almost as if choosing that one word was in a sense a relief. Because the greatest thing about our conversation was seeing my screen fill with sentences like: “Yes to new opportunities”, “Say yes to what you really want”.

“Translate” said another. And then in the most beautiful and elegant way possible, a wash of words were sent to me, about attempting to translate and interpret the language of others, understanding and reconnecting if you will. As I wandered through the park, my thoughts a million miles a minute, I became excited for what the year will look like.

“Change” said the third, along with the age old sentiment of “be the change I seek in the world”. If I believe in anything it’s the fact that my wonderful, progressive and destined to move mountains friend is going to generate something incredible.

And finally and actually quite sporadically, I said “jump”. Out loud. To no one. Well actually to the people in the city campus library who are now all staring at me in confusion. I’m not crazy I promise, just a random creative. But I think I really chose this word because I feel like I tend to over think, and then overthink about overthinking. So It’s really for me about seizing every opportunity and jumping in and being open to taking every opportunity.

So… for 2017, maybe neglect the resolutions and all the pressure of meticulous goal setting, and focus on a mantra. One word. Also where will you be, when you’re working towards this word fueled existence. What new experiences will you seek out and lust after this year? Where will that one word take you? It’s my aim to explore every corner of our town this year, and discover what I had always thought was hidden in every corner. I want to seek out and tell your stories, learn more about you, broaden my circle of the creative people I keep around me. I’ve got my sights set on some really incredible entities and creative people. Are you one of them? Let’s chat, and let me tell you story.