Let Me Tell You About My Morning.... / by Laura Kebby

Let Me Tell You About My Morning....

By Laura Kebby

Ok. I have a confession. I am a sucker for romance. At first glance however, I can guarantee you would disagree with me. But as a writer, romance is possibly my favourite thing to write about. So this morning as I was searching for some much needed down time, I found myself wandering into Warners Bay Florist. I wasn’t looking for anything really in particular, nor do I really have anyone that I would be purchasing flowers for, (as much as I would like to) I was merely there to browse. I did feel a little for the shop assistant who was oh so lovely, and oh so eager to assist me, possibly just as excited about the prospect of romance as I was, I tried to let her down easily. I wandered around the store and began to eaves drop on a phone conversation, which lead me to linger awkwardly. “Of course we can help you with that, what would you like the bouquet to say…” Chewing her pen, listening to the voice on the other line, I was much more captivated by this exact moment than I had been in months. “You don’t have to have a reason… But I would recommend… Now see that’s perfect. ‘I don’t need a reason. But I am glad you’re mine.’ As I stood there stunned, stuck to the floor with the Darkness’ “I Believe In a Thing Called Love” blaring in my head, serving as the imaginary soundtrack to my John Hughes obsessed life, I smiled.


            It’s essential for people like me, to be reminded of romance somewhere outside of Harry meeting Sally and K-k-k-katie and Hubble going to Hollywood. So I’m thankful for that engagement today. I wandered into the arcade, following my nose for coffee and a place to people watch a while. Also another one of my favourite past times. Stumbling into Bella Beans, still on a high from my ‘real life’ romance encounter, I was distracted by the news on TV. The world’s obsession with the royal family leaves me dumfounded sometimes. But it also makes me think of all the things they must do in their downtime and suddenly my mind is in a tailspin. “Where are they now, I wonder if they ever sleep in, does the little guy know he already has the weight of the world on his shoulders, I wonder if Kate is truly happy, does Will (can I even think about calling him that?) ever take photos of her sleeping on a plane after a long haul flight in her trackies, mismatched pjs and a beanie and post it to a secret royal Instagram account that only the royals can see #bae #loveher #catchingflies. I wonder if… “Oh sorry, just a long black with a dash please”. Thankfully the cafe attendant is patient with me as I slowly fall back to reality. I tried to cover my momentary lapse of reality care of a writers mind with a weak smile and “Not enough coffee this morning”. “You’re in the right place darl!”. Thinking I’d embarrassed myself in this establishment enough already I wandered back into the arcade. Sheltered from the outside world on a particularly windy day I sat down on a bench and watched some people a while.

            I found myself thinking about the way the arcade interconnected, did all the business owners interact? Did Catwalk Boutique buy coffee for those working at Kadia Jewellery and then stick their head in at Vital Insurance and ask “how are you Ben? And the kids? Yes absolutely, I will see you next week, I’ll bring a salad”. I do know it’s most likely an idealistic writers world I do live in, but it’s nice to think it happens. I sat sipping my coffee as a little boy wandering in and out of Chester’s Pet Bakery caught my eye. I’m going to preface this by saying I’m not the overly maternal type.  I tend to ask toddlers how their day is going and what they’ve been thinking about lately as opposed to initiating a game of peek-a-boo, but I was intrigued. Still in his Pyjamas he seemed pretty content with the state of the world. “Should we go and get you dressed?”, came the words from an adult keeping a watchful eye on his happenings. “No” was the simple reply. I found myself mumbling “good choice kid keep it up whilst you can! No sleep till Brooklyn and pyjama parties all day”. His spirit made me happy, and prompted me to purchase something for my little guy at home. He’s about 30cms long (including his tail) and he’s my best mate. A stoic yet sassy cockatiel who is probably the best judge of character I have ever met. “Is he noisy?” “No actually, for some strange reason… except when I play Neil Diamond, pet parenting done right I’d say.”

            I wandered back to my car. Finally feeling ready to start the day after my morning experiences. I feel like we all need something driving us forward, propelling us throughout our day. For me it’s hopeless romance and thinking thoughts and this morning I managed to squeeze in both. For this I am thankful.