Let Me Tell You About... Exploring Places And Faces / by Laura Kebby

I don’t really exercise all that much. In fact, I really don’t exercise at all, and as I look down at something that is now kind of reminiscent of a Dad bod, I think maybe I should really start exercising… after of course I finish this delicious burger from Lowlands. Don’t tell anyone but it’s actually my first one. I tromped on in here, on what was probably the hottest day ever with my sister and just sat, drank a beer and enjoyed some time out. I also ordered some straight hot fire. And I’m not just talking about the quality of the burger - even though the burgers are absolutely the best in town, I’m really talking about the fact that my face was literally melting off. It was the 40 degree heat combined with delicious yet deadly Sriracha slaw on top of some buttermilk fried chicken, but honestly I didn’t really care. That’s really what beer and hot summer days are for, pairing with excellent food and company. But I thought maybe it was time for me to hop on my bike so to speak and drag my younger sister around town. Ok yes, the particular bikes I was riding were battery assisted, but I’m all about connivence really and thankfully Bykko is all about that too. If you haven’t heard about this really great initiative you can read more here

Erin and I started our little journey at the Bykko station in the West end, peddling around the streets simply getting out and about. I feel like everything always feels and looks better on a bike. It’s like that Lily Allen video when she’s riding through London, and everything feels bright, tasty and awesome. It’s also an opportunity to notice the places you usually wiz past on four wheels. Now that I was on two, I really stopped (to the embarrassment of my sister) to smell the flowers in Civic Park, wave at passers by and notice some nooks and crannies of our town that I never would have even realised were there. The spaces between the Edwards and Parry Street Garage, the construction going on, the changing pace of our city. 

Even stopping for coffee seemed like a bit of a reward because I actually worked to get there instead of simply dragging myself out of bed, usually sans shoes, to get my caffeination fix. I did get a little bit philosophical on my ride, whizzing past Hunter Street and looking for gaps of blue. I thought about how hard we work for things, and the satisfaction we get when things finally come through. With writing, and any creative career really, you never really notice what your hard work looks like, mostly because you’re constantly thinking about writing or working or talking to people about writing and not really taking time to appreciate the tenacity you put towards the last at hand. Although it may have been battery assisted, my Bykko ride, was actually hard work. Mostly because, like I said, I don’t exercise, but I did feel all the better for it. It broke up my day, where I usually sit cramped taking up space at your cafe (looking at you Good Brother and Welsh Blacks) I actually took time to channel some different energy for a change was really nice. 

Ok confession time. Some time during the haze of the new year I did apparently suggest that I would compete in a half marathon. I think I’m going to take a step back from that goal and simply be ok living within my means, but also making time to get out and about a little bit more, I think that’s what really matters.  Breaking up the day with some sort of activity not only made me feel really great, but encouraged me and my ever racing mind to slow down, take a minute and set myself up for the next onslaught of tasks. 

Back to my burger. Of course it was delicious, and I finished every single bit of it. But I did manage to keep pondering about working hard, and I think for this week, I’m going to focus on specific tasks, from beginning to end and really work hard. To put in that little bit of extra effort to really push those tasks over the line. Because sometimes my concept of time really goes out the window and I spend the time day dreaming. So here’s to tenacity this week, exploring new places and faces and working from start to finish.