Laura Kebby's HOT FIVE... Local Tracks You Should Check Out This Week / by Laura Kebby

Since I am now back at uni, my headphones are basically a permanent extension of my ears, and my music is always pumping. What better way to curate a playlist than by starting with some phat local beats to make your heart beat that little bit faster for your one true love – local talent. Here are five tunes (some new, some old, but all very good) to get you started. Who’s your favourite local artist? Are you looking at this list going “I can’t believe they left out…”. Let me know! I’m always keen for new suggestions!

RAAVE TAPES – “2U xoxo”

These RAAVE cuties are consistently carrying the torch for the glory days of 1997 and this track is of course no exception. It’s bouncy, fresh and will make your flipping day a whole lot brighter. 

Ceilings - Traces

With Autumn now upon us, it's time to wrap your ears around some chilly dark weather tunes, and the latest offering from electronic outfit Ceilings, fits the bill like no other. 

Jen Buxton - It Says No Homers (We're Allowed To Have One)

Since a mate of mine first showed me Jen's music a few years ago, her songs have remained a staple in my listening queue. This song in particular means a lot to me, and I've never got up the courage to thank Jen for writing it. I just tweet at her relentlessly. You can catch Jen on the last Sunday of every month at the Hamilton Station Hotel, but you should also follow her on twitter. 

Paper ThinScared Of Flying

A brand new track from these guys to kick off your Friday. It's grittier but still lyrically so beautiful. It's great to see Aidan Roe stepping up to the mic and really propelling this new sound forward. Cannot wait to see this one live!

Sienna Lace - Lost

I've spoken a little bit about Sienna before but I just cannot go past this track. I feel like, at some point or another, we've all had that realization of feeling lost. This track is such a delicate take on heartbreak and sadness and I really really care for it.