Kira Puru & her rise to stardom + 'Molotov' Review / by Hannah Stretton

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From humble beginnings, reigning from good ol' Cardiff, Kira Puru sky-rocketed to stardom with her first solo single, Tension, and now with another single Molotov out today - the only place left for this boss ass babe to go is Mars. We'll try and get in touch with Elon Musk & be there soon. 

Kira Puru is a real jack of all trades - a self-taught musician, DJ, photographer (work can be found here & below) and visual artist who dominates her mediums and doesn't shy away from expressing creativity, emotion and heart through her projects. It's rare to come across people who are able to dominate multiple 'stages' and get past the haters, but Puru does this every time with no evidence of backing down.

If anything, Puru's 'Change the D8' choker accessory is a big middle-finger to the haters, and proof that nothing is going to stop Kira for sticking up for Indigenous and LGBTIQ+ communities in the music industry as well as stick to her guns. 

Having just come off tour with another powerful lady, Vera Blue, Puru brings us her second solo single, Molotov. A track that I'm already classifying as the 'boss ass b*tch' anthem of the year - it's full of sass, empowering af and I guarantee you will know the words in no time. It's a track that is gonna blow up - no pun intended 😜

It speaks to the reality that I am - notoriously almost always up for a good time
— Kira Puru on 'Molotov'

The track has a really punchy rhythm and the lyrics are just the cherry on the tip of this explosive track. I mean, with lyrics that celebrate following your prerogative, having fun and not taking anyone's shit - that's the type of music we all need in our lives. 

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Molotov takes a bit of a detour from Puru's traditionally goth disco vibes to give us more percussion elements that slap you right in the face and choir harmonies that make Molotov have a a very 'band camp goes rogue' vibe.

Kira Puru is always redefining music, slipping her way through the cracks and making music that speaks to a variety of music lovers, without needing to define or label it this or that. In a society that always likes to label people and their art - this is a breath of fresh air. 

With the release of Molotov, Kira Puru is set to adorn stages around the country to give us a taste of these whiskey-induced dance moves and the 'no B.S.' attitude we've come to know and love Puru by. Excitingly for us Newy folk, Puru is returning to her roots to perform at The Cambridge Hotel on Friday, the 15th of June, for an exclusive headline show.

Puru will also be taking to the stage at Listen Out and Curve Ball - so if you are heading to any of those two spicy events, then be sure to check out Puru's set. Tour dates & tickets can be found below.

For now, I want you to take a moment to put your dancing shoes on, turn your car speaker system up really high, pour yourself a drink (not all at the same time - don't drink & drive, be responsible) and give Molotov a listen. I think I've played it like 1000 x already - no regrets! 

For all information regarding upcoming performances, new music and other cool tid-bits about Kira Puru be sure to check out her socials below. ALSO, look out for our one-on-one interview with Kira in our next print issue of Newcastle Mirage. It's gonna be lit! 


Friday 15 June | The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle VIC*
Saturday 16 June | Curve Ball, Sydney NSW
Saturday 22 September | Listen Out, Melbourne VIC
Sunday 23 September | Listen Out, Perth WA
Saturday 29 September | Listen Out, Sydney NSW
Sunday 30 September | Listen Out, Brisbane QLD

*Headline show

Facebook // Instagram: @kirapuru or @noicepicciesm8 // Twitter: @kirapuru