KINDER w/ KIAN WEST / by Kian West

Phone call interviews are always an interesting element to adapt to. You can’t see someone when you ask a question and never really know if they like you, or if the question is about to resonate with them.


I called Briony, one half of Kinder, for a chat, as it turned out she had her sister Savannah next to her as she recovered from a cold. Even over the phone, you could hear how connected these sisters are and it’s reflected in what they’re doing on-stage.

Kinder have quickly built a reputation around their unique take on Brazilian bass music, blending it with commercial house, pop and party tunes that get people jumping. You can expect Kinder to be jumping along as well: ‘We like to have choreographed dance moves. We like to move around.’ I wasn’t really sure what Brazilian bass music was, but they explained that it’s much like EDM or commercial dance music, except ‘when the drop happens it’s always about the rhythm, very percussive’.

Growing up in Maitland, the sisters come from a strong musical pedigree. Their mother, herself a singer, started them on an aural diet of her classic vinyl from an early age, inspiring Savannah to pick up both piano and guitar and both sisters to begin writing music before they hit their teens. Once they both turned 18, Savannah and Briony pursued their interest in electronic music and began DJing for friends’ birthday parties and in local clubs.

Their diverse range of musical influences, from Lorde to The Cure, Fleetwood Mac to Peking Duk, is clear in their track selection, dabbling in G-house, vocal house and tech house – these ladies can play from sunset to sunrise and never have a dance floor empty.*

kinder image 2


Kinder are playing at This That festival for 2017 – a return to their roots – and I could tell they were feeling the pressure to perform for a hometown show. Friends will be in the audience and it has been a while since the girls have played a local show for Newcastle, so they really want to do a good job. I asked Savannah what people should expect: ‘A couple of surprises!’ they both giggled over the phone. Obviously something is going to happen.

Is there an EP on the horizon for 2017? Both responded ‘probably 2018’, and discussed the difficulties of working alongside a range of creative talents to get their music complete. Really, it sounded like they wanted to have everything perfect, and any perfectionist will understand that with music, often perfection never comes. Personally, I’m really excited to hear what these women produce. With so much energy and enthusiasm for what they do, there is little doubt they will complete an EP that gets the crowd bouncing.

*portions of these paragraphs are taken from their Biography.