Joel Alston - February photo / by Kian West


LOOK AT THE PHOTO ON THIS PAGE. ISN’T IT NICE? JOEL ALSTON TOOK IT. LOOK AGAIN. IT’S EVEN BETTER THIS TIME. WE SPOKE TO JOEL BACK IN ISSUE #4 ABOUT HIS PHOTOS, AND WE THOUGHT HE CAPTURES SUCH NICE ONES WE’D GET HIM BACK TO SHARE HIS SECRETS WITH YOU GUYS. Set Up: Canon 7D (1.6x crop sensor) Canon 15 - 85mm Ultrasonic Settings: Shutter Speed:         1/6 sec Aperture:        22 ISO:            100 Focal Length:        15mm


This was another beautiful afternoon of shooting. This shot was taken at the little blowhole next to the Newcastle baths. The afternoon low light allowed for a perfect slow shutter speed of 1/6 of a second which created a smoothed out effect on the aggressive water. If you have a slower shutter speed than 1/6, generally the water will be further smoothed out and look more like smoke.

I find that shutter speeds between 1/15 - 1/6 allow water exposures to be smoothed out whilst still giving the water character and not be completely disappeared. But that’s just my own personal preference.

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