Joel Alston / by Kian West


Look at the photo below. It’s very nice isn’t it? Joel Alston took it. Look again. We thought since Joel's captured such nice ones we’d get him to share his secrets with you guys. joelweb


Canon 7D (1.6x crop sensor)

Canon 15-85 Ultrasonic USM f3.5-5.6


Shutter 441 seconds

Aperture f.11

ISO 100

Focal Length 15mm

One night my friend and I were just bored and walked around taking photos at Newcastle Baths. I saw a very slow movement of textures in the clouds and thought it would make an awesome “smudge” on the sky effect as the clouds pass by. This exposure was close to 8 minutes.

I love the amount of clarity and detail you get from using a larger aperture number such as f.11 in this case. The white balance I adjusted manually to this deep marine blue as when I shot this it was from using a “cloudy white balance” which made the shot more orange.

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