Jess Moxey from Hey Lady! by Kian / by Kian West

Ahead of their gig at The Cambridge as part of our monthly Thursday Night Live feature collab with Love+Rent we had a quick as chat with Jess from hit local band 'Hey Lady!' to get a little more info on the band before their rock our worlds. 

Hey Lady! Promo shot

Jess, Tell us a little bit about Hey Lady!?
Jess: We are a guitar & drums two-piece band from Newcastle. Consisting of two great mates, Jess Moxey & Stef Threadgate.

When did you Start? 
J: We played our first show at The Lass O'Gowrie Hotel in late 2012 after toying with the idea of being a two-piece got put on the back burner due to forming The Karma Cops.

What should punters expect from a show?
 A nice and at times turbulent trip down the river of feelings. 

Are you working on anything at the moment?
J: We're working on getting our shit together for another release, as well as a bunch of upcoming shows. Pumped to get something out & tour again.

Who are your favourite Novocastrian artists? 
J: We really like The Owls, great songs! They work hard & consistently deliver a solid live show. Run Squirrel, Paper Thin, Rachel Maria Cox & Crazy Old Maurice also kick goals in that department.

Hey Lady! Small Ballroom gig

Catch Hey Lady! along with This Way North (Melb), Tim Smyth & Holy Trash and Georgie Jones (solo) Thursday 18th of May from 9pm for just $5 and support the local scene.