It's a Palooza Network! Zac Rushbrook, by William Gleeson / by William Gleeson

“You’ve got 13 live acts, two performance area’s, a half pipe, ten professional skater’s doing a demo, dance performances’, you’ve got cheap drink’s, and you gotta support the scene”.

He’s talking about your scene, the Newcastle scene! Zac Rushbrook, the manager of Steel City Music really feel’s Newcastle is not involving all facets’ of the community for current public events’. He believe’s the best thing in the Australian community is the flourish of small boutique bars’, shops’ and festivals’. The days of big epic festivals’ are over. They never really did anything for the little person in Rushbrook’s opinion.

Rushbrook goes on to tell me organising a single festival is not just a public relation exercise to get people to the Lass O’Gowrie on the 14th July. There is so much more the community can get from a recurring festival such as Bandapalooza. It is not just local bands’ and acts’ playing at Bandapalooza seven, a few of our neighbouring acts’ will be performing as well. He see’s it as creating and the continuation of a strong network with our neighbouring acts’ in other parts of Australia. 


“It’s someone’s lounge to sleep on, you support me now and I will support you when you when you visit me, and above all it’s a friendship” claims Rushbrook”.

He also want’s Newcastle to be more credible in providing a platform for other acts’ such as professional dancers’ and professional skateboarders’ (and yes, Rushbrook is bringing a half pipe to the Lass O’Gowrie). Rushbrook believe’s these people in our community don’t get their invite to public events’, and he wants to change all that, “it should be a requirement, they will appreciate it and make it worth our while”.

Bandapalooza 7 is brought to you by Steel City Music, it’s happening on the 14th July at the Lass O’Gowrie. And as Rushbrook would say “$10 will get you 12 hours of quality entertainment”.      

William Gleeson is a music Journalist and Webcaster. He is the producer and presenter of the local music program 'Indie Collective" on Tuesday nights from 7pm.