It's a Christmas Miracle! / by Kian West

As an adult do you look at kids Advent Calendars and get a little bit sad you don't get to eat a bit of chocolate every day? Well, now the Christmas Musicalendar has been invented you don't have to feel sad, you can listen/watch a new piece of musical joy every day in the countdown to Christmas! 

The creator of this magnificent project, The Duke, had a quick as chat with us to give you an idea on why you need to click Like on their facebook page (and maybe select 'see first' to make sure you get it every day!) and here it is... 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Duke, you did this last year, but for those of us that missed it, what’s this Xmas Musicalendar all about?  Hey guys. Ok in short 'the xmas musicalendar' is a musical advent calendar where 24 different artists each offer up a different Christmas themed song in a video...from December 1st to the we count down to the holidays. 

The idea is both that anyone watching gets an awesome little musical treat every day for that length of time + all the different artists gets to both do something fun and different, but also show themselves to a new audience! At the heart of it tho it is all about giving and hopefully creating some excitement in what can be a stressful time for many.

2nd from the left - The Duke (rest of the picture: The Main Guy & the Other Guys)

2nd from the left - The Duke (rest of the picture: The Main Guy & the Other Guys)


Which Newcastle bands should we be looking out for?  Well I have to admit I'd prefer it all to be a surprise as that is part of what an advent calendar is, but there are a fair few Newcastle acts involved...around eight or nine! I don't want to name them all so then I may as well not name any, right?! 😊

You’re in a band too right?  Yes, although we have been very quiet this year. We also took part in last years calendar so, since the idea is for 24 different acts each year, we will not feature this time around. 

That said, The Main Guy & the Other Guys have a Newie show booked in January so stay tuned!

When you aren’t making crazy projects like this or rocking out, where do you like to hang out in Newcastle? Well I like to hang out with my lil' family (Lisa & Oscar) but I also spend an awful lot of time with Knives and Murrie at The Press Book-house in Hunter Street. Best coffee, atmosphere and company in town👍 

Where should people go to find the Musicalendar?  Ok so the calendar itself is based on a Facebook page ( so that is where you will experience it best...but for those not on Facebook the songs will also be realeased every day on YouTube (just search for 'the xmas musicalendar' channel)

Thanks!  No really, thank YOU! Legends👌

Click image to take you straight to the Facebook page! 

Click image to take you straight to the Facebook page!