It'll leave you in stitches, but it is not a marathon... / by Kian West

It's not that I don't like to laugh, but I just don't go to many stand-up gigs, I know they exist in Newcastle, it's just the calendar gets mighty busy. What I do love is a good Podcast though, I can fit them in whilst driving to meetings and such, so when Andrew Milos pitched the idea of the Big Dog Pod I was intrigued... could this be the event for me? So I asked for more information, naturally... 


Hey Andrew, thanks for taking to time to chat with us, what is this “Big Dog Podcasts” all about?Andrew: Big Dog Pod is a live recorded comedy podcast where i will host a panel with premier Australian comedians. These are not open mic comics that you see for free at the local kebab shop at 3am. These will be highly rated pros. 
The goal is to show people in Newcastle that comedy isn't just a Carl Barron DVD from 2003 or seeing an Instagramer play out a silly script. 
Observing 3 or 4 professional comedians live is something unforgettable. This fly on the wall event has never been done here before and should be extremely exciting to fans of comedy.
Each special even will be recorded live and completely unique.
My first guests are Aaron Gocs (Aussie Stitch up), Julia Wilson (Edinburgh Comedy fest, comedy central) and Nathan Ross (Newcastle Knights)

And you’re a comedian yourself? When did that start? 
A: It's always hard for someone to define themselves as a comedian, i don't believe you need to be making money to be labelled as one but having success and positive feedback in the field by ones you admire helps.
I've been doing stand up for nearly 2 years now to various success..lets just say i couldn't quit my day job just yet. i don't want cereal for dinner.

Who should grab a ticket to the first event? 
A: Fans of comedy, henny penny, stitch ups, classic Newy and anyone up to experiencing something fresh and hilarious that really has been done here in Newcastle on this scale before.
It's $10, a steal for the quality of the acts.

Will the Podcasts be available on all the normal Podcast locations? 
A: Yep!
The plan is have it released on iTunes asap. The event will also be recorded by a few cameras so i wouldn't be surprised if future iterations are even broadcast live.

What’s the local comedy scene like? 
A: Newcastle has produced some of the nations best most well respected comedians in recent times. (Rhys Nicholson, Cam James, The Dickster, Matty B, Peter Berner) but it has been screaming out for a A+ comedy specific room. The guests i have on this show are genuine headliners and would rarely even perform to such a small crowd in major cities. 

Newcastle has comedy fans, they are out there. I'm hoping this is the first step into something greater...

Where’s your favourite place in Newcastle to hang out?
A: PRESS BOOKSTORE ON THE 22ND OF JAN - 5PM! Or my mums as my washing machine broke.

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