Is Street Art Temporary or Fixed? / by Kian West

Yesterday many people saw the news of the painting over of this artwork thanks to Newcastle Live

and we later saw this amazing photo by Simone De Peak

But then I was left feeling sorry for the business that decided to provide their wall for a piece of temporary street art, that has now decided to paint over as part of their own maintenance plan. That people have complained as if they have the right to dictate what property owners do. I'm not saying I'm not sad it is gone, for sure, it was incredible work, BUT! Wasn't it amazing that it happened? That we got to enjoy it for so long? Are we setting a bad example for businesses that might decide to now not support a future Hit-The-Bricks project... 

I'm left curious how we encourage businesses to support these initiatives as well as local council to understand the benefits of fostering this level of creativity for the city and some form of guidelines like that the art is to be kept on the wall for at least 12 months (maybe even a guideline to see it go after say 3-5 years so we get fresh stuff). It would also be beneficial to see a council member focused on this side of art and working with business to unlock walls. 

But really, it is street art, should it be fixed? Are we complaining about something that should have happened and if that is true, what spot is next? I'd like to see more art like this pop up instead and a constant evolution of the city artscape. It makes me think about what I want the Newcastle of the future to look like...

The Glass is half full people. We just need to work out how to make it work.