Is Newcastle an easy or a hard city? / by Kian West

A couple of weeks ago at the end of a meeting I started having a casual chat with a client about Newcastle and my own thoughts on how hard a city it can be to get business ideas forward. 
Having worked or lived in both Sydney and Melbourne, I thought by comparison that Newcastle can be a bit harder to get an idea/business up and running. This big city with a small town mentality can often struggle against change for a while, but when we latch on to something we love it with our whole heart. 

The business I was speaking with was BYKKO, cool new Electric Bike sharing Hub currently with a trial out the front of Rethink Financial Group. You see, my thought was that a project like this takes a bit longer here than it might somewhere else, we are a bit cautious, not so eager to change, embrace the change, think how we could fit this into our lives. But when we see it in action, hear people talk about it working, then we will want to have a turn.

But it also had me thinking, am I right? Are we really that slow? 
When I look at examples like Renew Newcastle, other New media like HunterHunter & NewcastleLive, local venues doing cool stuff, Awesome Newcastle, as well as countless cool groups just like Newcastle Coffee Snobs, I start to think, maybe it isn't the city that is slow, maybe it is just a section of the community. Maybe all these projects are a sign that the city is moving quickly in a trajectory towards being the most liveable city in the world. Sure, we've already been added to lists, but what does that all mean?

So I'm curious, do you think Newcastle is a easy city or a hard city to succeed in? 

Image via University of Newcastle website

Image via University of Newcastle website