Introducing Lissome | An Empowering space in Newcastle for Women's Health & Fitness / by Hannah Stretton


Okay girls, let's be honest - the gym can be a super intimidating place at times, right? Sometimes you feel out of place and like you are constantly competing with big gym junkie egos. Well, I think I may have just found something that will change your perspective on the gym/cross-fit experience & get you pumped to go every time. That discovery is Lissome, a gym for women by women. 

We accept women of any age, shape, size or ability and welcome them in to a safe space where they can get strong, healthy and connect with other women!
— Ash (Head Coach at Lissome)

Located in Carrington by the water, Lissome offers a selection of group training classes for people at any level of fitness ability - so whether it's your first or hundredth time in a gym, you will be shown the ropes (physically and metaphorically) 😜

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Each day has a different routine, so things never get boring & I can guarantee, you will leave in a sweat every time. BUT, the most empowering and important part about Lissome is, it's not just about working out - it's about providing a safe place that's focused on YOU and YOUR NEEDS (in body, mind and soul) (sorry for the caps, but I think that is super important).

A big priority at Lissome is making sure that everyone feels supported, valued and uplifted by one another - which you really don't get at every gym. Lissome have opportunities for women (& MEN - with their COMMUNE classes) to bond and create strong friendships with regular social activities on the calendar and drinks after Friday sessions (plus, a whole heap of other awesome social outings).

We start and finish every workout together! No one is ever left behind. You will be cheered on to the very end and given a massive high five when you’re done! 
— Ash (Head Coach at Lissome)

If this kind of gym sounds like something you could get on board with, well this Sunday (27th May) at 8:00am, Lissome are having an Open Day - so that you can get a first-hand experience of Lissome and see if it's something you want to be a part of. If you're interested, just turn up in some work-out gear and get ready for some butt-kicking (don't worry, you'll have fun too). 

Ahead of the Open Day on Sunday, I got to speak to the incredibly fit, boss-babe and one of the lovely head coaches at Lissome, Ash Hammond, about Lissome and what she loves most about it - if you're interested in checking that out, read ahead... 

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Meet Ash

Head Coach at Lissome 💕💪🏻 

📸 @hendrikuskreations

Tell us, what is Lissome all about? 

Ash: Lissome is all about inclusivity and community. We accept women of any age, shape, size or ability and welcome them in to a safe space where they can get strong, healthy and connect with other women!

For more info on their philosophy and how it all began - check out this link

Why was it so important that Lissome was specifically run by women for women? A lot of classes are for females only, which is a rare thing to find. 

A gym can be such an intimidating place. As women we all want somewhere we feel safe, welcome and comfortable to train and try new things. Somewhere with no ego!

As women, the coaches understand that everyone has their own struggles and that everyone comes to the gym for different reasons. They are all genuinely invested in the girls, their goals and their lives. This brings out the best in everyone. 

What is the biggest difference between Lissome and let’s say, F45? 

We are big on coaching and educating our girls on how to move well for longevity of training and to stay functional. 

We’re huge on community and events! We have traditional Saturday Breakfast Club after training, coffee dates, girl’s night’s out and active days together! There is always something social in the calendar! 

Our programming is intentional and aimed at getting ours girls strong, fit and skilled. We program for absolutely everyone and there is always a progression working toward the recommended movement. This way, the girls have constant feedback on how they are developing and improving. They can set goals, and then adjust them as they progress. 

We start and finish every workout together! No one is ever left behind. You will be cheered on to the very end and given a massive high five when you’re done! 

What is it that makes Lissome special? Have you got a particularly touching story you’d like to share?

Without a doubt, the people! There are hundreds of touching stories that I could share of members reaching out to others in times of need to offer their friendship, help or time. The sisterhood is as strong as they come. The girls support each other through the highs and the lows that are life!  

Some of the amazing coaches at  Lissome  - Nez, Ash, Marni, Shaye, Renee & Brittany

Some of the amazing coaches at Lissome - Nez, Ash, Marni, Shaye, Renee & Brittany

As a head coach at Lissome, what is your main goal for each person that comes through and has a session?  

To make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome, comfortable and like they belong. Safety is of course a priority, but motivating, challenging and educating the girls is a huge part of each session and just being present and an ear to listen if ever anyone needs one.  

How would you personally describe the type of experience Lissome offers?

I train with my girls 5 days a week because I love it! It really sets up my entire day. Lissome is so much more than a gym. Sure, you will always come away having had an awesome workout with friends, achieved things you didn’t think you could achieve BUT you’ll also be a part of something much bigger. 

What would you like people to walk away from Lissome saying & feeling? 

“I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!”

I want people to feel like I did after my first session and every session since; on an absolute high and buzzing with excitement and good vibes! 

So, if you're looking for a fun and empowering space to work out, Lissome may be the game-changer for you on your health/fitness journey. Take full advantage of the Open Day on Sunday or alternatively pop in for a random session & see how you go. More info on sessions & fees can be found on their app, socials or website linked below. 

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