INTRO - August 2014 / by Kian West


New articles, lots of interviews and fresh ideas.

This is what you will find in our bumped August issue. There is so much going on in issue 15 we weren’t quite sure how it was all going to squeeze in. Lucky we have a magician come graphic design wiz, Ryan Williams, on hand to fix all our problems and layout another amazing print for all our lucky readers.

This month I am going to try something new. Since we spend most of the weekend dropping by and stopping off to locations to deliver Mirage across our fine city. What I have been thinking is it would be nice to include something on our website every Monday afternoon… It could end up being the evening, but it will be Monday. If people like it, if I notice it starts getting shared and commented on, then I’ll continue it every week. Expect a little snapshot into what has been happening and hopefully a little inspiration too.

Have you got a great idea for a killer article? Maybe a one off or perhaps you have a great theme that could carry on for months (or years). We only have two rules here at Mirage:

  1. It must be positive. We want to inspire our friends and family to want more and feel great and that only works when we push one another up and not down.
  2. It must be about Novocastrians. Well it could be about Newcastle as well. But we aren’t interested in what is happening elsewhere unless it is because of one of our fine people doing it.

If you feel like your piece could fit then get in contact! We want you.

Before you disappear into the rest of Mirage, take a moment to think about all the people around you that inspire you and then work out how you are going to acknowledge them. We all need a pat on the back every once in a while.