INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER: Banshee Collective / by Ryan Williams

This week coming will be one of the only weeks that Kian and I will be out of Newcastle. Instead of just deleting all of our social medias we have decided will let someone else take the wheel - probably Jesus. In case Jesus doesn't show up we've got a firm back up offer from Banshee, a collective of artists and musicians we trust with our precious passwords. I rang up the group to let you get to know them a little bit better.

Who are you?

We are a group of friends (Gillian Adamson, Liam Buckley, Caitlin Dempsey and Holly Farrell) who want to support and give a platform to a diverse range of artists and musicians in Newcastle. We are committed to creating events that feature gender diverse line ups, as well as including artists from cultural backgrounds different to our own.

What are you doing?

Our first event is going to be a little taster of what we hope to do more of in the future. We are having an exhibition, titled Undercurrents, at the newly established Woodriver Studios, with tasty brews supplied by the ever supporting Murray's Brewing Co. The exhibition will be followed by an after party at The Edwards with musical performances from Belle Badi, High Estate and Mahala Williams.

What can we expect?

Good vibes, good brews and amazing artworks! We'll be exhibiting works by Gillian Adamson, Joseph Belford, Bleck, Nick Carvajal, Zarin Cenna, Madeleine Cruise, Saretta Fielding, Clare Hodgins, Jess Jones, Jo Lynch, Renae Titchmarsh and Sophia O'Connor. Live music performances by Belle Badi, High Estate and Mahala Williams.

What's next?

We are hoping to raise some funds through donations on the night to assist us in our future events. These funds will help us with planning a larger scale art event for next year that will focus on a broad range of artistic practices, particularly performance art.We’re planning to create immersive experiences for audiences by featuring performative works that they can interact with and feel connected to. 

We're very fortunate that have had a great amount of support from the community and we would like to thank all of those who have supported us, including Newcastle Mirage, Murray's, The Edwards and Woodriver Studios, as well as those who have reached out to us and sent us messages of support. It really means alot to us!

If you like the sound of this like Banshee Collective on Facebook and follow @bansheecollective on the instagrams.