INFLUENCE-HERS: Property Sales Consultant // Stephanie Jordan, By Kian / by Kian West

Presenting a balanced representation of Newcastle has always been really important to us at Mirage. We don’t always hit the mark, but in 2018 we want to make sure that there is an added focus on local women doing incredible stuff. We are hunting down some of the biggest ‘influence-hers’ in our city – women crushing goals in whatever field they’re in. To kick the year off, I asked a few Boss Babes about what they’re doing.  

Stephanie Jordan


Stephanie Jordan


Property Sales Consultant at Dalton Partners New Lambton

Why do you do it? What drives you?

Property and people are two things I have always been interested in. My parents would take me along to open homes when they were looking to buy and I remember walking into each place being able to visualise the potential. I genuinely walk past houses excited by what is behind each door. This, paired with a background in HR where I loved talking to new people every day, made it seem like real estate would be a perfect fit – and it was. My drive comes from being able to help people who at times can be facing difficult circumstances that come with buying and selling a home. I want to change the stereotypes associated with real estate agents and be known for my commitment to people while achieving outstanding results.

The best advice you’ve ever been given?

The best things in life live outside your comfort zone! Changing careers for me was so scary and since then I have tried to say yes to everything that has made me uncomfortable but that I knew would serve me. This has proven time and time again to open my life up to more amazing people and experiences that I could never have imagined.

Favourite place/space in Newcastle?

The New Lambton area is definitely my home ground, but I cannot go past anywhere in our amazing city that is by the water, particularly Dixon Park Beach or Honeysuckle. Every time I visit either I feel a strong sense of pride in how beautiful our city is and how lucky I am to call it home.

What do you wish you learned earlier?

I wish I had learned earlier that it is OK to speak up more and share my opinion. It is difficult as a young woman to feel confident in what you have to say without the fear of sounding silly, but I now know that we have seriously great ideas inside that need to be shared!

Who inspires you?

My parents have always been a huge inspiration in my life, as they encourage me to be whoever I choose. Outside of family, I am also inspired by the people from all walks of life I meet who succeed and reach their goals no matter their circumstances. It gives me a real buzz and reminds me how anything in life is possible. Particularly the strong and successful women I have associated with throughout my career who have paved the way for me and shown that, as a female, there is nothing that stands in my way.

When you aren’t working, what do you most love to do?

My non-work hours are completely full of family and friends. I am so lucky to be extremely close to my parents and friendship group. Usually, activities revolve around food – whether it’s trying the countless new venues or a BBQ at home, I am in my happy place just being around them all.

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